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Sylvanian Families x Sanrio: Cute New Collab Ft. Baby Woodland Animals Dressed Up As Hello Kitty & Friends

Sylvanian Families x Sanrio: Cute New Collab Ft. Baby Woodland Animals Dressed Up As Hello Kitty & Friends

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By Rachel Yohannan on 02 Mar 2023
Senior Digital Editor

Kawaii Japanese franchise Sanrio and toy line Sylvanian Families have joined forces, creating what must be the most adorable figurines we’ve ever seen in a long while. Just launched this March 2023, the Sylvanian Families x Sanrio Characters Baby and Furniture Set features baby woodland animals dressed up as Hello Kitty & Friends, compounding the charm of both brands and bringing cuteness to a whole new level.


Sylvanian Families Sanrio Collection in SingaporePhoto from Sylvanian Families

Each set of these miniature critters also comes with their own furniture pieces for you to play pretend with, from a piano to a slide and a baby cot. Read on to find out where you can get these in Singapore!

Hello Kitty: Baby Chocolate Rabbit

Sylvanian Families Sanrio - Hello Kitty Baby Chocolate RabbitPhoto from Sylvanian Families

Little Twin Stars: Baby Persian and Shimaneko

Sylvanian Families Sanrio - Little Twin Stars Baby Persian and ShimanekoPhoto from Sylvanian Families

Pompompurin: Baby Walnut Squirrel

Sylvanian Families Sanrio - Pompompurin Baby Walnut Squirrel Photo from Sylvanian Families

My Melody: Baby White Rabbit

Sylvanian Families Sanrio - My Melody Baby White RabbitPhoto from Sylvanian Families

Cinnamoroll: Baby Sheep

Sylvanian Families Sanrio - Cinnamoroll Baby SheepPhoto from Sylvanian Families

According to Sylvianian Families Japan’s social media account, will be launched on 2 March 2023 and a full set will retail for JPY11,000 (~S$108.91). Currently, it does not look like the figurines are available for individual purchase.

Fret not if you’re not flying to Japan anytime soon, for there’s a Lazada pre-order by Shoppers Co’Op (aka SCOOP) - a company that brings products from Japan to Singapore - for $263 per set. They seem pretty legit and have a website, though as usual, we’d urge you to do some research and exercise your own judgment when purchasing from such platforms.

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