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Logitech Has Pink Keyboards With Cute Round Keys, Gaming-Optimised Functions, & Matching Computer Mice

Logitech Has Pink Keyboards With Cute Round Keys, Gaming-Optimised Functions, & Matching Computer Mice

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By Rachel Yohannan on 11 Feb 2023
Senior Digital Editor

Gadgets that solely come in black or white are so last decade. Aesthetic appeal has become a high priority for many these days, and one’s computer station isn’t just for practical purposes - it’s also very much a personal zone that reflects one’s character. Whether you’re a gamer gal, someone who works from home, or just a casual user, Logitech has just what you need to girlify your computer desk with, thanks to their pretty pink computer keyboards and matching accessories in Singapore.


Logitech POP Series

Logitech POP Keys pink keyboard in SingaporePhoto from Logitech

The Logitech POP Series looks as cute as it sounds. With round typewriter-style buttons instead of the standard squarish ones, the Logitech POP Keys ($169) keyboard has a fun, retro vibe, with mechanical keys that make a satisfying clacking sound as you tap away. The pink Heartbreak colourway features a mix of rose-toned keys, along with 8 swappable key caps that have emoji prints on them. 

Logitech POP Keys pink keyboard in SingaporePhoto from Logitech

Pair it with the matching Logitech POP Mouse ($54), a compact computer mouse that slips comfortably under small female hands. It even has a top button that provides easy access to an emoji menu, so you can express yourself with the most apt visual icons in a single quick tap.

Logitech POP Keys purple keyboard in SingaporePhoto from Logitech

Another feminine colourway that we love is Cosmos, a mix of lavender and mystic purples.


This range is best suited for everyday work or casual leisure usage.

Logitech Aurora Series

Logitech Aurora Seires pink computer accessories in SingaporePhoto from Logitech

Another range to check out for a pretty-in-pink work station is the Logitech Aurora Series, designed with avid button-mashers in mind. The gaming keyboards ($269 to $299) in this line actually come in a universal white colourway, but you can always personalise them to your liking with the pink Top Plates ($39) and/or Key Caps ($59). Turn on the RGB lighting and adjust it to your favourite hues to complete the look!

Logitech Aurora Seires gaming keyboard in SingaporePhoto from Logitech

Despite having a unisex design, the finer details of these mechanical gaming keyboards have been made less masculine. For example, angular edges of the keys and the keyboard’s body itself have been rounded for a softer appearance. This doesn’t compromise their functionality, though, and you can look forward to a super smooth touch and quick responsiveness that’ll aid in efficiency for your biggest missions - be it in-game, or work-related.

As an added bonus, each of the keyboards comes with a cute cloud-shaped palm rest for tip top comfort.

Logitech Aurora Seires pink gaming keyboard key caps & top plate SingaporePhoto from Logitech

Other matching accessories include the Logitech G705 Wireless Mouse ($162), cushioned G735 Wireless Gaming Headset ($329), and Yeti Mic in Pink Dawn.

Logitech's heart-shaped carrying case & cloud cable charm

Logitech heart carrying case & cloud cable charm in SingaporePhoto from Logitech

We’d also like to draw your attention to these other accessories, namely a USB cable with cloud-themed charm organiser, as well as a heart-shaped carrying case that can fit the headset, mouse, and cables all at once. While these aren’t pink, they’re still undeniably cute with soothing pastel tones.

Get these from selected electronic stores, department stores, and Logitech’s official Shopee Mall store.

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