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5 Reasons Why Reviewers Are Raving About This $149.99 Hair Dryer

5 Reasons Why Reviewers Are Raving About This $149.99 Hair Dryer

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By Shairah on 01 Feb 2023
Project Editor

Picture this: You’ve just stepped out of the shower and you are rushing to get ready for work. You need to dry and style your locks quickly but your hair dryer is just too slow and hot. Not to mention, your hand is now tired from holding the hair dryer for too long, yet your hair is still not thoroughly dry. 


Many of us face this struggle every day. Some traditional hair dryers are just not powerful enough and can be bulky and noisy too. What’s worse, it can feel scalding hot each time you are drying your hair, and this long exposure to heat can cause long-term damage to your hair due to the lack of heat control and airflow. That’s why it is important to invest in a good-quality hair dryer – one that is engineered to protect AND dry your tresses at the same time. 

Let us introduce you to the hottest, new device that has been garnering great reviews online: Laifen Swift SE High Speed Hair Dryer, a chic, new version specially designed for younger, more style-savvy folks who are looking to add a sleek, stylish yet functional gadget to their beauty arsenal. Launched in December 2022, this newcomer has already become one of the best-selling hair dryers on the market with over 1 million units sold last year alone.

And now, it has finally arrived in Singapore!

So what makes the Laifen Swift SE High Speed Hair Dryer such a crowd-favourite? Read on to find out 5 reasons why reviewers are raving about it.

Thanks to the high airflow speed, precise temperature control, and negative ion generator, the Laifen Swift SE dries hair quickly and safely, without any damage. Photo from Laifen

#1 It styles your hair quickly without damage

Technology is an important factor when deciding which hair dryer is best for you. The Laifen Swift SE High Speed Hair Dryer dries hair quickly and efficiently thanks to the 105,000 RPM high speed brushless motor, which takes only 1 minute to fully dry short hair and up to 5 minutes for waist-length hair. 


Unlike traditional hair dryers which rely on high temperatures, the Laifen Swift SE replaces high heat with high airflow speed and precise temperature control. It uses an in-built microprocessor smart chip that monitors temperature 50 times per second to stabilise air-flow temperature, so you don’t have to worry about heat damage to your hair. With the intelligent temperature control, you can choose between different options: cold air, warm air, hot air, and hot and cold alternate functions (long press). The Laifen Swift SE also has 2 types of wind levels you could adjust from according to your hair needs with just two buttons.

The Laifen Swift SE neutralises hair static and reduces dryness and frizz, ensuring smooth, shiny and silky hair.Photo from Laifen

Those with frizzy, flyaway hair will also love the Laifen Swift SE’s negative ion generator. Negative ions (or anions) help neutralise positive ions that cause frizz. Every time you blow-dry your hair, the Laifen Swift SE emits over 200 million negative ions to neutralise hair static and reduce dryness and frizz. Even with regular hair drying, you can still expect smooth, shiny, and silky hair – minus the frizz. 

At only 407 grams, the Laifen Swift SE is lightweight for easy styling every day. Photo from Laifen

#2 It is lightweight for easy styling

Most hair dryers can be quite hefty and bulky, making it a chore to blow dry or style your hair every day. The Laifen Swift SE is petite in size, weighing a mere 407 grams – that’s nearly 50 to 200 grams lighter than other hair dryers! It’s also ergonomically designed, so you don’t have to worry about aching arms anymore. 

Laifen Swift SE is equipped with a high speed brushless motor and aviation-grade aluminium alloy fan blades that allow the hair dryer to run smoothly and quietly.Photo from Laifen

#3 It is quiet


Unlike a conventional hair dryer which is noisy, the Laifen Swift SE sounds like a gentle breeze. This is thanks to its high speed brushless motor, which was developed and produced in-house. The aviation-grade aluminium alloy fan blades ensure the hair dryer runs smoothly and quietly while drying your hair.

Choose from 3 stunning Morandi colours: white, pastel pink or light purple.Photo from Laifen

#4: It comes in 3 chic colours – perfect for display!

Forget about traditional hair dryers that are bulky and unsightly in boring colours.

Perhaps the best reason to buy the Laifen Swift SE is that it comes in 3 stunning Morandi hues: white, pastel pink, and light purple. ? We especially love the LED ring light when the hair dry is switched on; simply press a button to toggle between 3 different colours to suit your mood. The Laifen Swift SE’s beautiful colours and incredibly sleek and ergonomic design means you can proudly display your hair dryer on your dresser.

#5 It is affordable

Luxury without the hefty price tag? Yes, that’s right: the Laifen Swift SE is affordably priced at only $149.99 for a product of its class – that’s up to 8 times cheaper than other hair dryer brands on the market! What’s more, you can get it at a promotional price on Shopee and Lazada.

The Laifen Swift SE, your first choice for a high speed hair dryer, is NOW available for purchase at the official Laifen store on Shopee and Lazada. Use the code LAIFENSEG on Shopee or the Lazada coupon to purchase the Laifen Swift SE at only $149.99.

From 8 to 14 February, get a free diffuser nozzle, wall mount bracket and towel with every purchase. Voucher and coupon are valid until 31 March 2023.

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