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Bondee: The New Cute & Aesthetic Social App That Everyone’s Obsessed With

Bondee: The New Cute & Aesthetic Social App That Everyone’s Obsessed With

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By Karmen on 27 Jan 2023
Digital Editor

Just when millennials were still struggling to appreciate TikTok, yet another new It-app has burst on the scene - Bondee. But if you're worried it'll be another race to keep up with Gen Z, fret not! This virtual social app is noob-friendly and universally appealing, and makes it easy to socialise with your friends when you’re too busy or tired for a physical meet-up.


Developed by Singapore-based tech firm Metadream and launched in early January this year, Bondee has since blown up locally and across Asia. Users chalk the app's popularity up to its aesthetically pleasing design, customisable functions and interactive activities.

Bondee's cute virtual world lets users create their own 3D avatars, design their own bedrooms, and hang out with friends virtually while exploring different environments and enjoying activities.

How To Use Bondee

After signing up with your mobile phone, you can create your Animal Crossing-esque avatar. It's similar to The Sims video game where you can choose from a wide variety of customisation options including facial features, clothes and accessories. Everything is aesthetically pleasing, and you can even go for a more whimsical look and accessorise with a watering can, a bag of baguettes or even a sleeping cat on your head.

Customise avatar on Bondee appPhoto from Metadream (screenshot taken by editor)

Once your avatar is complete, you can start designing your room with furniture, decorative items, windows and wallpaper.

Customise room and mood on Bondee appPhoto from Metadream (screenshot taken by editor)


Most items are free and some premium ones can be bought with B-Beans using real money.

How To Interact With Your Friends On Bondee

The custom options is plenty of fun, but the main draw of Bondee is spending time with your friends virtually.

There are a number of ways you can add friends. You can add them individually by typing in their mobile number or Bondee ID, or mass-send send friend requests via link, WhatsApp, etc. Another way to go about it is to save your personal QR code on your profile and share it for your friends to scan. At the moment, you can add up to 50 friends.

Once your friends are added, your avatars will live together in a virtual apartment designed like honeycomb blocks. You can visit your friends' homes and leave notes, post photo and video updates (like on Instagram), and view your friends' posts.

Live with your friends on Bondee appPhoto from Metadream (screenshot taken by editor)

You can chat with your friends and even have picnics or go camping together.

Chatting with friends on Bondee appPhoto from Metadream (screenshot taken by editor)

There are more functions to explore including a sailing world where you can create messages in drifting bottles and even come across virtual gifts like Starlight Wallpaper and a Bubble Couch.

The Bondee app can be downloaded for free on Google Play or the App Store with in-app purchases.