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VICTOR x Hello Kitty: New Collection In Singapore Has Badminton Rackets, Shoes, Apparel & More

VICTOR x Hello Kitty: New Collection In Singapore Has Badminton Rackets, Shoes, Apparel & More

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By Jayme on 20 Dec 2022
Digital Editor

Playing sports, whether for fun or to keep in shape, can be exhausting, especially after a tiring day at work. But with VICTOR’s new Hello Kitty Badminton collection, getting in touch with your active side is going to be ten times more enjoyable! From rackets and shoes to apparel and accessories, this sports range themed after the lovable Sanrio character has everything you need to take to the court.


Victor x Hello Kitty CollectionPhoto from @victorsport_official

This collection boasts 23 items, all tricked out in cherry blossom pink and light baby blue and beautified with Hello Kitty icons, so it’s certainly not going to look too manly or rugged like most sports gear. Some items also have motifs of Hello Kitty’s little teddy bear friend, Tiny Chum - talk about cuteness overload! 

Badminton equipment

Victor x Hello Kitty Collection - Badminton RacketsPhoto from @victorsport_official

The main highlight has to be the Badminton rackets, which come in beginner, middle-end and advanced editions, catered to various skill levels. The rackets come with pastel pink sleeves adorned with prints of either Hello Kitty holding a racket or Hello Kitty playing Badminton with Tiny Chum.

Victor x Hello Kitty CollectionPhoto from @victorsport_official

You don’t have to worry if your racket starts to wear and tear, too, as essentials such as grips and strings are part of the collection. So you’ll be able to upkeep and maintain the unique Hello Kitty-inspired look of your racket.  



Victor x Hello Kitty Collection - Badminton ShoesPhoto from @victorsport_official

Any Badminton pro will tell you the importance of wearing the right shoes when playing on the court, as a good pair of kicks provides optimum support and prevents injuries. So make sure to get this pair of Badminton shoes in a lovely gradient colour with huge Hello Kitty bow ties at the heels. This one is available in adult and junior versions. 

Get the blue slides with Hello Kitty and Tiny Chum on each side, as well as socks in pink and navy blue to have the full footwear range. 

Apparel & accessories

VICTOR x Hello Kitty Collection - ApparelPhoto from @victorsport_official

Since this collection is modelled after the athleisure style, the clothes in the catalogue come in a variety of versatile designs. Think comfortable T-shirts you can wear when playing Badminton or a white skirt and pink cap paired with a plain black crop top for the sporty street style ‘fit. 

VICTOR x Hello Kitty CollectionPhoto from @victorsport_official

There are also sports and bath towels, alongside wristbands, that you can bring along when you head off for a game. For something sizeable enough to keep all your gear in, check out the array of bags in different designs - there’s a racket bag, backpack, tote bag, travel bag and toiletry bag.

VICTOR x Hello Kitty Collection - BagsPhoto from @victorsport_official

Of course, you’ll need to hydrate yourself when playing sports, so don’t miss out on the stainless steel thermos cup, which allows for both hot and cold beverages, and will keep your drink warm or cool throughout your session.

VICTOR x Hello Kitty Thermos CupPhoto from @victorsport_official

The VICTOR x Hello Kitty collection will be available online and in store from 6 January 2023 at 10am.

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