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These Gorgeous Flortte Lip Oils Come In Fruity Scents, Get Them Online In Singapore

These Gorgeous Flortte Lip Oils Come In Fruity Scents, Get Them Online In Singapore

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By Karmen on 19 Dec 2022
Digital Editor

We can never have too many lip products, and if you're in the market for a new one, the Flortte Lip Oils would make a fine addition to your collection. They're moisturising, housed in pretty floral packaging and well-priced at under $10.


Flortte Lip OilsPhoto from Flortte

Despite the "oil" in its name, the lip oil has a lightweight texture with no oiliness or stickiness. It's also deeply hydrating thanks to nourishing ingredients such as jojoba seed oil and avocado extract, and has a smoothening and plumping effect as it fills in the fine lines on the lips.

Flortte Lip Oils swatchesPhoto from Flortte

If you prefer a transparent lip oil, go for 00 爱老虎油, which translates literally as "love tiger oil". The shade name sounds very odd, and that's because it's a cheeky phonic pun for "I love you" - ai laohu you. It has a grape scent.

Flortte Lip Oil - GrapePhoto from Flortte

The other four shades provide a subtle tint of colour.

First is 01 你吹的晚风 (ni chui de wan feng), a strawberry-scented lip oil with an orangey gold tint. Its name is a romantic song lyric that means "your evening breeze."


Flortte Lip Oil - StrawberryPhoto from Flortte

Next is, 02 清纯蒸馏水 (qingchun zhengliushui), which is yet another unique song lyric about love that means "pure distilled water." The lip oil has a slight blue tinge and sparkles, with a blackcurrant scent.

Flortte Lip Oil - BlackcurrentPhoto from Flortte

03 ring ring ring, named after the song by Taiwanese group S.H.E, has a bright orange tint and smells like grapefruit.

Flortte Lip Oil - GrapefruitPhoto from Flortte

Lastly is 04 危险危险危险 (weixian weixian weixian) meaning "danger danger danger" which, you guessed it, is another song lyric. This lilac lip oil is the most shimmery one of the lot, containing multi-coloured glitters. It has a watermelon scent.

Flortte Lip Oil - WatermelonPhoto from Flortte

The Flortte Lip Oils are available at for $6.25 each.

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