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Singapore Bakery NÜL Bakes Cute Korean-Style Cakes Ft. Quby, Little Miss, Sanrio, Minions & More

Singapore Bakery NÜL Bakes Cute Korean-Style Cakes Ft. Quby, Little Miss, Sanrio, Minions & More

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By Jayme on 08 Oct 2022
Digital Editor

Minimalist Korean-style cakes have been all the craze for almost two years, with the trend first starting early last year. Known for their dainty, less-is-more aesthetic, it’s no wonder that these K-style cakes have become more than just a fad. 


While most designs normally feature cursive wordings or a simple image or pattern decorated with frosting, bakery NÜL in Singapore offers quirky designs on top of the usual on its catalogue.

NÜL BakeryPhoto from @nul_sg

NÜL is a home-based bakery in Singapore that specialises in whipping up these minimalist Korean-style cakes. 

NÜL Bakery Little Miss CakePhoto from @nul_sg

All its products are made to order, and designs include Little Miss, Telegram sticker pack icon Quby, as well as classic ones embellished with florals and intricate piping details. 

NÜL Bakery Sanrio CakePhoto from @nul_sg

NÜL Bakery Quby CakePhoto from @nul_sg


Custom designs are also available, so those looking to personalise their cakes won’t be limited to the selections in the baker's catalogue.

NÜL Bakery Custom CakePhoto from @nul_sg

NÜL Bakery Minion CakePhoto from @nul_sg

These minimalist cakes come with your choice of buttercream or fresh cream frosting, with two sizes to pick from - four inches (from $29.50) and six inches (from $50)

NÜL Bakery Vintage CakePhoto from @nul_sg

There are nine flavours on the menu, three of which are premium. An additional charge of $10 applies if you choose Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Shortcake or Yuzu Lemon Shortcake. While Classic Chocolate, Ondeh Ondeh, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Caramel, Matcha Azuki and Earl Grey Lavender come at no extra cost. 

NÜL Bakery Simple CakePhoto from @nul_sg

Customer reviews that have been re-shared on the bakery’s Instagram complimented the design and taste of its cakes, a testament that they look as good as they taste.