Bad Date Survival Guide: 5 Things To Do During & After To Minimise The Ick

Bad Date Survival Guide: 5 Things To Do During & After To Minimise The Ick

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By Sophie Hong on 17 Oct 2022
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Dating is fun and exciting, but there’s always the chance that you might end up on a bad date. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Maybe your date wouldn’t stop talking about themselves. Maybe they chew their food a little too loudly for your liking. Or maybe they are rude to restaurant staff, which by the way, is a definite red flag! 

So what next, now that you’ve got the ick? How do you politely, but firmly, squirm out of this date and any subsequent dates after? Luckily for you, we have a foolproof game plan right here that doesn’t involve hurting anyone’s feelings. You can thank us later. 

Here are 5 things you should do during, and after a bad date!

#1 Make it easy for yourself to leave

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If you already know you’re going to cut the date short, don’t do things like order a main or another round of drinks because it’s so much harder to bail when you’ve still got food and drinks on the table. 

Pro-tip: it might be a better idea to avoid activities that would take hours to complete on your first date - such as mini-golf, a pottery class or an amusement park. Instead, commit to activities and places that are easier to get out of if the need arises, such as going to a cafe or bar. 

#2 Bail with a foolproof excuse

It’s perfectly normal to feel bad about lying. But sometimes you just have to put yourself first, especially when the date gets unbearable and awkward. If it makes you feel better, consider using a half-truth, like how you have to be at home to receive an unexpected delivery or your boss just sent you an invite to an early morning meeting tomorrow. 

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Didn’t get to finish your meal? Well, no reason to go hungry just because of one bad date. Place an order on your foodpanda app while on the way home, so you can tuck into a warm and comforting meal when you’re back. And here’s another tip: sign up for pandapro, foodpanda’s subscription programme, to enjoy unlimited free delivery from thousands of restaurants across Singapore! 

#3 Declare an emergency self-care session

Finding it hard to shake the ick off? We get it - bad dates can be very emotionally draining. We recommend soothing your nerves with a relaxing face mask, some scented candles, and a pint (or two!) of ice-cream. 

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#4 Follow up with a text instead of ghosting

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Being ghosted is never a nice feeling, so do your date a favour by ending things cordially - everyone deserves closure! This also ensures that they won’t be pestering you for a second date, so just bite the bullet and save yourself from further awkwardness. 

Not sure how to broach the subject? Try saying something along these lines: thanks for the date, it was nice to get to know you. However, I’m not really feeling a romantic connection and I think it’s best we end this here. I wish you all the best!

#5 Dust yourself off and try again

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Don’t let one bad date - or a string of bad dates - get you down! All of this will be worth it when you find The One, we promise. 

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