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Apple Launches iPhone 14, 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max Phones In Singapore

Apple Launches iPhone 14, 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max Phones In Singapore

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By Karmen on 08 Sep 2022
Digital Editor

Apple loyalists, prepare for that annual phone change! The new iPhone 14 as well as the Pro and Pro Max versions are launching in Singapore this September.


The iPhone 14 (from S$1,299) comes in five colours including the classic black and white as well as a fiery red, dusty blue and pale purple. And those who lament that the screen size of 6.1 inches is too small will be glad to know there's an iPhone 14 Plus (from S$1,499) that comes with an upsized 6.7-inch display.

iPhone 14Photo from Apple

These iPhones boast the longest battery life yet, supporting up to 20 hours of video playback on iPhone 14 and 26 hours on iPhone 14 plus. Other updated features are the Advanced dual-camera system with a TrueDepth front camera with autofocus, and the Crash Detection function where the iPhone 14 can detect a severe car crash, then call emergency services and notify your emergency contacts.

It has the same Super Retina XDR display as the iPhone 13 which makes onscreen colours pop as well as Face ID (still no fingerprint Touch ID!).

If you fancy the more premium choice, there's the iPhone 14 Pro (from S$1,649) with a 6.1-inch display and the iPhone 14 Pro Max (from S$1,799) that has a 6.7-inch display

iPhone 14 ProPhoto from Apple

These iPhones have even more superior battery life with up to 23 hours video playback on iPhone 14 Pro and 29 hours on iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The all-new 48MP Main camera with an advanced quad-pixel sensor that's 65% larger than that of the iPhone 13 Pro. It also features 4x the resolution in ProRAW, Telephoto with 2x optical quality and improved performance in low light. The cinematic mode now shoots in 4K HDR at 24 fps, aka the film industry standard, while the Action Mode allows for smooth hand-held videos. You can also shoot, view, edit and share in ProRes or Dolby Vision HDR - all from your iPhone.

Pre-order for all the phones starts from 8 pm SGT on 9 September.  The iPhone 14 and 14 Pro are available starting 16 September, while the iPhone 14 Plus will be available from 7 October.