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7 New Korean Hair Trends Of 2022: Versatile Styles You Have To Try Before The Year Ends

7 New Korean Hair Trends Of 2022: Versatile Styles You Have To Try Before The Year Ends

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By Jayme on 09 Sep 2022
Digital Editor

Whether you're craving for a fresh new look to end the year or want to replicate the same hairdo your favourite K-Pop star is reppin', changing up your hairstyle every now and then can give you a confidence boost and make you feel like an entirely new person. But if you're currently out of ideas on how to wear your hair next, bookmark this handy list of Korean hair trends to try in the remaining half of 2022. 


#1 Blunt bangs

BLACKPINK Lisa in Blunt BangsPhoto from lalalalisa_m

Want to look more youthful? Blunt bangs are a great option as this smooth, straight fringe adds dimension to the face and plays up your best features. It also emphasises the eyes since it usually falls either below or right above the brows. The best part? Blunt bangs complement all kinds of hairstyles, whether it is long waves or a short bob. 

#2 Orange hair

BLACKPINK Jennie in Orange HairPhoto from jennierubyjane

Thinking about making a bold statement? Instead of the usual reds, blues and pinks, hop on this year’s trend of orange-hued hair. This unconventional colour has become all the rage recently, with celebs like BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’ Suga sporting this fad. There are a ton of shades of orange to choose from as well! From peach and tangerine to melted-copper, you're certain to find one that fits you. 

BLACKPINK Jennie in Orange HairPhoto from jennierubyjane


#3 Wolf cuts

IU in Wolf CutPhoto from ​​dlwlrma

Considered to be one of the most favourable hairstyles for round faces, the wolf cut is a shaggy, wildly layered look that is taking social media by storm. The choppy layers - long ones in the back and shorter ones at the top - are known to add volume while giving a softer look as it creates movement around the chin and jaw. Of course, this hairstyle is not limited to just round-faced beauties. Korean superstar IU, whose face is oval-shaped, was seen rocking it too!

#4 Streaks

Red Velvet Wendy in StreaksPhoto from todayis_wendy

Caught the Y2K beauty bug? This ‘00s comeback trend is the perfect way to spice up your look if you don’t feel like steering away from your dark roots completely. Unlike highlights, where only thin sections of your hair are dyed to enhance the au naturel look, streaks are meant to be in thicker chunks. They’re also typically dyed colours that contrast with your natural hair, such as blonde, teal and ash pink. 

ITZY Yeji in StreaksPhoto from

#5 Face framing baby braids


Joy & BLACKPINK Jennie in Face Framing Baby BraidsPhoto from _imyour_joy & jennierubyjane

This hairstyle literally looks as its name implies - two tiny braided tendrils at either side of the face. Regardless of how you style them, this fad is capable of elevating an entire look as it adds texture to the hair. It’s also a trendy alternative to the usual hair clips or headbands if you’re attempting to keep your fringe in place. And since it’s easy to execute this look, there’s almost no excuse not to give it a shot. 

#6 Face framing layers

Red Velvet Joy in Face Framing LayersPhoto from _imyour_joy

Face framing layers have become one of the most sought-after hairstyles of this year - even Korean singer and actress Joy is flexing it, and it’s no wonder why. Long hair or short, this look is flattering and versatile as it can tailor to all face shapes. With just a couple of snips, these layers can define and highlight all the right features - from the cheekbones to the jaw.

#7 Long Korean curls

BLACKPINK Lisa in Long Korean CurlsPhoto from lalalalisa_m

One of the main perks of having long hair is that you can experiment with different styles that add personality to your look, including the Korean perm which transforms your dull hair into a voluminous mane that oomphs up your entire ‘fit. This much-loved hairdo is heavier at the ends compared to regular perms and has three styles - S-Curl, Body Wave and C-Curl - each differing in how concentrated the curl looks, so you can choose how defined you want your perm to be.