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8 New Bubble Tea Launches In Singapore: Milo, Horlicks, Rose, Green Grape & More

8 New Bubble Tea Launches In Singapore: Milo, Horlicks, Rose, Green Grape & More

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By Karmen on 07 Aug 2022
Digital Editor

It's time for another new limited-time bubble tea round-up! If your taste buds are itching for something other than your go-to bubble tea orders, your inspiration's right here.


#1 Cupfy Sparkling Series & Winter Melon Series

The well-loved Hong Kong oolong tea specialty brand has introduced a new lineup of Sparkling Tea, Winter Melon drinks, and Mandarin Coffee to its menu.

Cupfy Sparkling Tea SeriesPhoto from Cupfy

From now to 31 August 2022, Cupfy is offering a special promotion for the Sparkling Tea Series. Simply order any Sparkling Tea Series beverage via GrabFood or in-store and enjoy 50% off the second cup from the same series.

If you prefer something fruity, try one of Cupfy's winter melon beverages. Winter Melon with Lime ($6.50) is a zesty take on a traditional beverage, while Winter Melon Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly ($6.00) has special-made grass jelly with fresh milk.

Cupfy Winter Melon drinksPhoto from Cupfy

In the mood to venture out of the tea zone entirely? Go for the new Cupfy Mandarin Coffee ($7.00) which is a nutty cold brew coffee with a tangy calamansi twist.


#2 HEYTEA Very Green Grape Crystal

HEYTEA Very Green Grape CrystalPhoto from HEYTEA

HEYTEA's latest seasonal fruit to feature in their bubble tea is the Shine Muscat grape. Known for its crisp sweet taste and mellow rose fragrance, the grapes are hand-peeled and deseeded daily, at every 3-6 hours intervals to maintain freshness.

There are two choices to choose from: Very Green Grape Crystal ($7.20) and Very Green Grape Cheezo ($8.60).

#3 Gong cha x Horlicks Mango Chocolate Horlicks Milk Tea

Gong Cha X Horlicks Mango Chocolate Horlicks Milk TeaPhoto from Gong Cha

Horlicks, what a nostalgic drink! Gong Cha has partnered with this iconic beverage brand to launch two new bubble teas that'll bring back childhood memories.

Play it safe with the Pearl Milk Tea ($5.70) or surprise yourself with the intriguing Mango Chocolate Horlicks Milk Tea ($5.70).


#4 CHICHA San Chen x Perrier series

CHICHA San Chen x Perrier seriesPhoto from CHICHA San Chen

CHICHA San Chen is bringing back their Perrier series ($6.50 each)! These sparkling bubble teas come in three flavours: Lemon Black Tea, Grapefruit Green Tea and Mango-Pineapple.

#5 Milksha Liao Gao Gao Cheng Tng

Milksha Liao Gao Gao Cheng TngPhoto from Milksha

Bubble tea often gets a bad rep as an unhealthy option but subverting that is Milksha's Liao Gao Gao Cheng Tng. This nourishing drink is rich in collagen and made with eight wholesome ingredients: snow fungus, longan, barley, grass jelly, honey pearl, taro ball, rock sugar, and premium peach gum.

#6 The Alley Milo Shake

The Alley Milo ShakePhoto from The Alley


The sight of Milo cereal balls on top of this Milo Shake might just be enough to make one give it a try!

Aesthetic aside, this drink is made with a generous amount of Milo powder, blended with The Alley's classic black tea and topped with whipped cream.

#7 Tiger Sugar Milo Dinosaur Brown Sugar Boba Milk

Tiger Sugar Milo Dinosaur Brown Sugar Boba milkPhoto from Tiger Sugar

Another Milo bubble tea, Tiger Sugar's rendition is topped with a mountain of Milo powder instead, with their signature brown sugar, chewy brown sugar boba and creamy milk.

#8 Playmade Rose Bubble Tea Series

Playmade Rose Bubble Tea SeriesPhoto from Playmade

Fancy floral notes in your bubble tea? You'll be in to the new Playmade Rose Tea and Rose Milk Tea. Complete the floral concoction with Rose Petal boba.

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