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7 New Beauty Launches In Singapore In July 2022: Hair Loss Shampoos, Wellness Bodycare, Givenchy Floral Perfume

7 New Beauty Launches In Singapore In July 2022: Hair Loss Shampoos, Wellness Bodycare, Givenchy Floral Perfume

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By Karmen on 30 Jul 2022
Digital Editor

Theses days, it's clear that wellness isn't just a buzzword but a legit priority we could all use for an all-round happier life. This month's new beauty launches has a few products that are made to complement and enhance our wellness routine, as well as timeless makeup must-haves like bronze palettes and long-wearing velvet lipsticks.


#1 The Body Shop's Wellness Range: Sleep, Boost, and Breathe

The Body Shop Wellness RangePhoto from The Body Shop

The Body Shop has launched a new Wellness range formulated with 100% natural and biodegradable essential oil. The range includes hair & body washes, body creams, hair & body oils and essential oil blends in three unique blends: Sleep, Boost, and Breathe. The sensorial textures elevate daily rituals and come in sustainable packaging made with glass and aluminium.

The comforting floral Sleep range is infused with lavender and vetiver. The Boost range has a citrusy and floral scent with mandarin and bergamot, while the Breathe range has uplifting eucalyptus notes.

#2 RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume series

Ryo Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume shampoo and treatmentPhoto from Ryo

RYO has created two indulgent Korean-inspired scents for their Hair Loss Expert Care line.


Seoul Sunset has warm, toasty notes of bitter orange, fresh bursts of gardenia and freesia, and creamy, rich sandalwood. There's the more tropical scent, Jeju Breeze, which has warm, woody musk notes, and serene notes of ylang-ylang, lily and jasmine.

Ryo Hair Loss Expert Care Perfume Jeju BreezePhoto from Ryo

The Shampoo ($24.90) contains Ginsen9EX patented technology that uses Korean ginseng and herbs to soothe dry, itchy scalps, while the Treatment ($15.90) has Root Volumer containing a high polymer that creates a thin film at the base of the hair, lifting limp locks at the root for a voluminous look.

#3 M·A·C Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Stick

M·A·C Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim StickPhoto from M·A·C

With a punchier and more decadent level of pigment than its famous Powder Kiss sisters, the new Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Stick ($46) packs on bold colour with a creamy, cushiony and ultra-weightless feeling on the lips.

M·A·C Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Stick arm swatchesPhoto from M·A·C

It creates a veiled yet vivid soft-focus look with soft-matte finish, promising to last for 12 hours and hydrate lips instantly.


#4 belif Super Knights Soothing Masks

belif Super Knights - Multi Vitamin MaskPhoto from belif

belif is introducing two new Super Knights sleeping masks ($55) formulated to rescue the skin while you sleep. Applied as the final step in the night and rinsed off in the morning, the intensive sleeping masks protect the skin against external stressors to reveal a healthy complexion in the morning.

belif Super Knights - Clear Soothing MaskPhoto from belif

The Multi Vitamin Mask recharges the skin with vitamins and moisture for lluminous, translucent skin, while the Clear Soothing Mask soothes and hydrates stressed, irritated and dry skin.

#5 Fenty Sun Stalk'r

Fenty Beauty Toast'd Swirl Bronze Shimmer PowderPhoto from Fenty Beauty

Fenty has launched two new limited edition makeup products that come in summery bronze shades.


The Sun Stalk'r Face + Eye Bronzer & Highlighter Palette ($75) has two highlighter shades and five warm contour shades perfect for defining and highlighting both face and eyes.

Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk'r Face + Eye Bronzer & Highlighter PalettePhoto from Fenty Beauty

​Pile on the razzle-dazzle with the Toast'd Swirl Bronze Shimmer Powder ($62), a supersized bronze shimmer powder that delivers high-impact, multi-dimensional radiance for the face and body. It comes in two wearable shades: Chocolate Swiller and Pecan Swiller.

#6 Givenchy Irresistible Eau de Toilette

Givenchy Irresistible Eau de ToilettePhoto from Givenchy

Givenchy Beauty’s Irresistible Eau de Toilette Fraiche is a new fragrance with a feminine scent that's floral, spicy and musky all at once.

It's comprised of three key notes of Damascena Rose, Pink Peppercorn, Virginia Cedarwood.

Every aspect of this perfume is also sustainably made. Two key notes are responsibly sourced to minimise the impact on the environment, and the bottle contains 11% post-consumer recycled glass. Meanwhile, the perfume's packaging also uses cardboard whose fibres have been sourced from responsibly managed forests.


The Givenchy Beauty Irresistible Eau de Toilette Fraiche comes in three sizes: 30ml ($95), 50ml ($136) and 80ml ($160).

#7 Burberry Beyond Radiance Glow Primer

Burberry Beyond Radiance Glow PrimerPhoto from Burberry

Beyond Radiance is Burberry's first universal make-up primer that goes beyond a luminous finish by delivering 24-hour hydration and visible skin improvement over time.

Housed in luxurious gold packaging adorned with the house's iconic check pattern, the liquid primer is formulated with 96% natural-origin ingredients and light-reflecting pearls to create a sophisticated lit-from-within glow.

Burberry Beyond Radiance Glow Primer arm swatchesPhoto from Burberry

At the same time, the primer helps improve the skin's texture and evenness over time. The skin's barrier function is improved thanks to vitamin F from safflower oil which strengthens skin and locks in moisture. Rosa Damascena and Darjeeling tea leaf extract provide antioxidant benefits, while provitamin P from orange peel boosts microcirculation for a brighter complexion.

Besides its primary function as a primer, it can also be used on its own for a natural glow, as highlighter, or even mixed in with foundation.

Burberry Beyond Radiance is now available at BHG Bugis Junction and retails at $82.