This Mini Bag Is The Perfect Accessory For Your Next Big Night Out

This Mini Bag Is The Perfect Accessory For Your Next Big Night Out

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By Sophie Hong on 27 Jul 2022
Senior Editor

The micro bag trend is here to stay, and we can see why. Most of us typically head out with just our phone, credit card, keys, earphones and lipstick at the most, and downsized bags are perfect for toting these essentials around without adding extra weight or wasting space. 

Shopping around for an easy, breezy micro bag for all your nights out? Our pick for this season is the Melody Shoulder Bag from PEDRO. Launched especially for the Qixi Festival, aka Chinese Valentine’s Day, this adorable and versatile micro bag is retailing for $99.90 and is available in four colours.

Read on for more details about PEDRO’s Melody Shoulder Bag and why we love it!

Fits all your essentials

Melody Shoulder Bag in blush, $99.90, from PEDRO. Photo from PEDRO

The Melody Shoulder Bag comes with two additional accessories - a heart-shaped micro bag and a furry pouch, both of which are detachable. Not only do these accessories lend the bag some serious style points, but they’re also great for days when you need to carry just a bit more - like extra makeup items, mints and the all-important hand sanitiser. 

The interior of the Melody Shoulder Bag. Photo from PEDRO

As for the main bag itself, its interior is rather spacious with no compartments, which allows you a lot of flexibility. Measuring 170mm by 100mm with a depth of 90mm, you can comfortably fit your phone, credit cards, keys and a few other compact items into this tiny but mighty micro bag. 

Versatile & multi-functional

Melody Shoulder Bag in blush, $99.90, from PEDRO. Photo from PEDRO

With PU straps that are adjustable and detachable, the Melody Shoulder Bag can be styled in a variety of ways to suit your OOTD. Going clubbing? Wear it as a crossbody bag for hands-free convenience. Doing date night? Simply detach the straps et voila - you now have a cute short-handle mini bag! 

That’s not all - the heart-shaped micro bag and furry pouch are detachable, which allows you to clip them onto other bags and even belt loops. The bag might be micro, but it certainly is big on versatility and functionality.

A bag for every style

From the left: Melody Shoulder Bag in black, blush, light green and chalk, $99.90 each, from PEDRO.Photo from PEDRO

If your personal style leans more towards the feminine or preppy side, then you’d love the Melody Shoulder Bag in blush or light green. The sweet pastel colours are complemented by tweed and gold hardware, which will pair well with cheerful sundresses, skirts and lighter colour palettes. 

For those who lean more towards contemporary and minimalist styles, the micro bag is also available in chalk and black. The monochromatic colours accompanied by silver hardware definitely make a bold statement, especially when paired with a little black dress! 

      Photo from PEDRO

The Melody Shoulder Bag is retailing at PEDRO for $99.90. Get it here

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