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Singapore Tattoo Artist Does Cute & Cheeky Locally-Inspired Designs Ft. Tiger Balm, Durians & The Chinese Lunar Calendar

Singapore Tattoo Artist Does Cute & Cheeky Locally-Inspired Designs Ft. Tiger Balm, Durians & The Chinese Lunar Calendar

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By Samantha Ann Francis on 05 Aug 2022
Senior Editor

Dainty and pretty tattoos are all the rage but if you’re eyeing something that's impactful at a glance, take a gander at Jessica’s creations. Known as @jessinfully on social media, the homegrown tattoo artist specialises in handpoked tattoos, which are loved for their slightly rustic and raw feel, compared to the precision of machines.


Durian Pac-Man tattooPhoto from Jessinfully

Her works are visually stunning with defined black lines, spanning themes that resonate well with today’s millennials—from mental health to apathy, and even the fluidity of sexuality. Her hyperlocal designs are also well-sought after if you’re into something that’s unapologetically Singaporean. 

Tattoos based on traditional herbal remediesPhoto from Jessinfully

A homage to her Chinese roots, there’s designs based on traditional herbal remedies like Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, the Axe Brand Universal Oil, the Tiger Balm, and even the Mopiko ointment, which most of us grew up familiar with. My personal favourite is the traditional Chinese tear-off calendar, which can be customised with any date of your choice.

Traditional Chinese calendarPhoto from Jessinfully

Those who didn’t fare so well in their Chinese language classes might also appreciate her tattoos of “idiotic Chinese idioms”, which makes fun of certain figurative meanings by presenting them in a straight-forward and literal manner.

Chinese idiom tattoosPhoto from Jessinfully


Her tongue-in-cheek tattoos reference the current world view in a subtle but powerful way. Likely inspired by the ongoing pandemic, there’s one of an ART test kit with the words “Stay positive”, another of a printed notice that reads “Missing Smiley: Last seen smiling Jan 2020”, and even one featuring durians going at each other like Pac-Man.

Cats in a maze tattooPhoto from Jessinfully

If you’re into art and pop culture, you’ll find a lot of familiar references in her tattoos. From David of Michelangelo to Mona Lisa, none is spared from Jess’ wit. Faces are replaced by bewildered smiles that have been simplified into two dots and a curve, while cats and humans alike raise a middle finger to anybody who might care. 

Mona Lisa tattooPhoto from Jessinfully

Meanwhile, she presents her own cheeky take on religion with tattoos such as the Last Supper scene but with the text “Eat or be eaten” as a message of overconsumption; or a Guan Yin with rockstar-like flames above her head.

Pei Pa Koa tattooPhoto from Jessinfully

It certainly comes as no surprise that one of Jess’ favourite artists is Spanish cartoonist Joan Cornellà, who prides himself with absurd and sometimes disturbing cartoons that reflect the anxiety of our urban life.

Find out more about Jessinfully here.