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Meet Catbird, The Minimalist Fine Jewellery Brand Ft. Dainty Flower, Ice Cream & Love Letter Charms

Meet Catbird, The Minimalist Fine Jewellery Brand Ft. Dainty Flower, Ice Cream & Love Letter Charms

Fashion Accessories
By Samantha Ann Francis on 31 Jul 2022
Senior Editor

Jewellery brands purveying the idea of dainty, minimalistic styles are a dime a dozen but there’s none quite like Catbird. The Brooklyn-based jewellery store—which ships to Singapore thankfully, has become a cult-favourite over the past 17 years for its “everyday fine jewellery.”


Jewellery perfect for stackingPhoto from Catbird

Unlike precious baubles that some of us save for special occasions, the brand’s wispy and delicate creations are designed to be worn and never taken off.

Poetry of FlowersPhoto from Catbird

In the words of Catbird co-creative director Leigh, their jewellery is “a long love letter to and inspired by New York, movies, novels, Italian bakeries, the drive-through car wash, women, our coworkers, watching the light move across the room, friendship, love and loss.”

Jewellery perfect for stackingPhoto from Catbird

The poetic themes of its jewellery is reflected in its in-house collection of fine bracelets and necklaces, which shimmer like tinsel and stardust. If you happen to visit their stores in New York, there’s the opportunity to be “zapped” with one of their “permanent” bracelets, welded around your wrist perfectly in one of eight styles in yellow, white, or rose gold. There’s also the option to customise yours with a tiny diamond or a petite gold star. 

Dainty charmsPhoto from Catbird


If you fancy charms, Catbird offers plenty in fine 14k gold. There’s a tiny love letter (US$138/S$192) that can be engraved with a name and address of your choosing, an ice cream charm (US$197/S$275) with a pearl perched on the cone, a dollhouse locket charm (from US$89/S$124) that lets you affix a photo of your loved one within, a pretty butterfly, a wild strawberry, and more.

Smallest love letter charmPhoto from Catbird

They’ve also got a Poetry Of Flowers range made from 100% recycled 14k gold, featuring different flowers in alignment with the 12 birth months. On the back of each charm, qualities are ascribed—for instance, February’s violet charm reads “love and protection”, while October’s marigold charm has “remembrance and joy” etched on its back.

Poetry of flowersPhoto from Catbird

Once in a while, the brand also launches interesting collaborations featuring limited-edition pieces. Their partnership with The Metropolitan Museum of Art saw pieces inspired by the work of female artists.

Vito's GemsPhoto from Catbird

Meanwhile, their most recent Vito’s Gems range featured one-of-a-kind styles crafted with gems from Vito Giallo’s personal collection. For the uninitiated, Vito is a 91-year-old artist, illustrator, and antiques dealer, as well as Andy Warhol’s first apprentice.

Cece JewelleryPhoto from Catbird

For variety, the Catbird site also stocks curated jewellery styles from independent designers like Jennie Kwon, Laurie Fleming, Leo Black, Cece Jewellery, and more.

Shop Catbird here.

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