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I Tried The Daiso UR GLAM $2 Makeup Collection, Here Are The Hits, Mehs & Misses

I Tried The Daiso UR GLAM $2 Makeup Collection, Here Are The Hits, Mehs & Misses

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By Karmen on 16 Apr 2022
Digital Editor

You've probably heard the tragic news that Daiso will be a 2-dollar haven no more. Before the 7% GST, aka $0.14 extra charge per item, kicks in on 1 May 2022, you might want to stock up on some Daiso products. Something that'll intrigue beauty junkies is their makeup line UR GLAM.


Keep reading to check out our review of the Daiso UR GLAM makeup products!

First launched in Japan in 2019, Daiso's premium makeup line UR GLAM made its way to our shores last year. The $2 price tag made for plenty of skepticism, and the 'sexy and healthy makeup' tagline didn't help either! Nonetheless, I gave in to the temptation and tried 9 products for a total of $18 (soon to be $19.26).

Here's my take on what's worth trying and what you can skip:

The Hits

Blooming Eye Color Palette

Daiso UR GLAM Blooming Eye Color PalettePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

It's hard to believe that this sizeable 9-quad eyeshadow palette costs only two dollars! The metallic shades fare well in terms of texture and pigmentation while the matte shades are chalky and tricky to work with. But overall, this palette actually works. The shades are gorgeous and versatile, and the final result is almost indiscernible from a makeup look created with my regular eyeshadow palette.


Stick Cheek

Daiso UR GLAM - Stick Cheek in Beige PinkPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

This stick blush in Beige Pink is a little deceptive! You'll only get about an inch of product, although the stick itself is a lot longer. Still, it's well worth two bucks.

It applies smoothly on the skin and creates a natural, flush-from-within look.

Eyeshadow Stick

Daiso UR GLAM - Eyeshadow Stick in 02Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Those who can't be bothered with applicators and brushes will do well with these convenient eyeshadow sticks. The shade Light Orange is lightly pigmented and mostly a bronze-gold glitter with a waxy finish.

Lip Oil


Daiso UR GLAM - Lip Oil in Pink BrownPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Since we can go maskless these days, there might be an opportunity to wear lip glosses again. If you're looking to venture out of the matte lip look soon, this lip oil in Pink Brown is a good restarting point.

It has a flattering, my-lips-but-better pink with brown undertones, and makes the lips look smooth and plump.

The Mehs

Mini Lipstick

Daiso UR GLAM - Mini Lipstick in Shiny BluePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

To my disappointment, this Light Blue lipstick is not the slightest bit blue. It's actually a clear gloss with gold shimmer - could work as a top layer over lipstick, but a useless product if you're not a fan of glittery lips.

Cover & Highlight Concealer


Daiso UR GLAM - Cover & Highlight Concealer in 01 PinkPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Don't count on this concealer to cover up any blemishes or dark eye circles. It offers barely-there coverage and works more as a subtle highlighter.

Lip Scrub

Daiso UR GLAM - Lip ScrubPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

I was expecting tiny exfoliants in this lip scrub but it has a completely smooth, gloss-like consistency. Listed first on the ingredient list is sucrose, a natural sugar containing glycolic acid. It works as an exfoliant as well as a humectant moisturiser.

I haven't noticed a difference in my lips after using it for over a week. However, it feels comfortable, non-sticky and hydrating on the lips.

The Misses

Liquid Rouge Pen


Daiso UR GLAM - Liquid Rouge PenPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Things looked promising for this liquid lipstick in Red at first, but on the lips, it looks splotchy and uneven. To make things worse, it has an uncomfortable, sticky sensation and reeks of paint.

Highlighter Stick

Daiso UR GLAM - Highlighter StickPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

This highlighter in 02 drags on the skin and creates an unflattering powdery finish and ashy tone. I can't imagine anyone looking good with this highlighter!

Other products in the UR GLAM collection include makeup brushes, cc creams, single powder eyeshadows, eyebrow pencils and powders.

P.S. Daiso also has a new Sanrio collection including stationery and home goods.

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