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I Went For A Boudoir Photoshoot To Get Professional Lingerie Shots Of Myself And Gained New Love For My Body

I Went For A Boudoir Photoshoot To Get Professional Lingerie Shots Of Myself And Gained New Love For My Body

Lifestyle Photography
By Rachel Yohannan on 15 Apr 2022
Senior Digital Editor

Send n00ds? That’s commonplace these days. Your friends have probably done it, if not yourself, and in the age of Tinder, OnlyFans, and the likes, pretty much no one bats an eyelid anymore - apart from boomers, maybe. But for some reason, tell your pals you’ve booked a photographer to get professional shots of yourself in lingerie, and you might just raise some eyebrows.


When presented the opportunity to star in a photoshoot by Singapore boudoir photographer Drewperspectives, my immediate reaction was one of slight hesitation mixed with a tinge of curiosity. But the latter got the better of me, and given that I’d recently celebrated my 28th bday and was emo-ing about getting “old”, I figured that this would be the best opportunity to capture my youth in its prime.

A quick scroll through Drewperspectives' Instagram page also showed photos that were tasteful and artistic rather than smutty, so I cast my reservations aside and took the plunge. Here’s how the experience went!

Read on for our review on boudoir photography with Drewperspectives in Singapore!

About Drewperspectives

Drewperspectives Singapore boudoir photography reviewPhoto from Drewperspectives

First things first, a little about the man behind the lens. Drewperspectives is a one-man show run by nature-lover Andrew Lim, who first started out doing underwater photography on diving trips. While that’s still one of his main focuses, he now also specialises in boudoir shoots.

So, why the shift?


I braced myself for the typical “male gaze” answer about “loving the beauty of women’s bodies” and “appreciating the female form and its curves”, but that surprisingly wasn’t the case.

Truth is, Andrew initially never wanted to get into boudoir photography simply because of the stigma surrounding it, and the possibility of it affecting his branding as a photographer. However, he was one day approached by a past underwater shoot client who wanted such shots of herself, but couldn’t find anyone else she trusted more than him.

He obliged, and from there, his client base grew. Through his work, he saw how he was able to empower women, build their confidence, and help them discover a different side of themselves - the real beauty of the job.

Andrew shares that a number of his clients come to him with insecurities - some of which have sadly been caused by their own partners - and boudoir shoots are a means for them to reclaim their own bodies and sense of selves. Some wish to have their good looks immortalised while at their very finest, while others simply want to feel more comfortable in their own skin, or celebrate their changing bodies as they go through pregnancy.

There are also a handful of guys who book Drewperspectives’ boudoir shoots for their partners, as well as couples who choose to be photographed together to capture the intimacy between them.

Review: Our boudoir photoshoot with Drewperspectives

Drewperspectives Singapore boudoir photography reviewPhoto from Drewperspectives

“Huh, so you’re going to be half-naked in front of a random guy?” was what some of my friends expressed when I told them about the shoot.


Yes, that’s exactly what I did. Despite being someone who often has to be in front of the camera for work and loves doing casual photoshoots with friends at selfie studios, stripping down to my undies for photos by a guy I’d barely just met was naturally a nerve-wracking experience at first.

However, after exchanging small talk and a handful of jokes with Andrew, who was extremely personable and professional throughout, my mind was quickly put at ease. One thing I very much appreciated was how Andrew let me review the photos after every set, and allowed me to delete any shots I was uncomfortable with. So there’s really no need to worry about nip slips or your lady bits peeking out - unless that’s something you're intentionally going for.

Drewperspectives Singapore boudoir photography reviewPhoto from Drewperspectives

We started out with some less revealing shots with lovely natural lighting by the window (pictured above), before progressing to racier positions on the bed as I got more comfortable. As I shed more of my clothes, I felt my insecurities waning and confidence soaring - belly rolls, thick thighs and all.

A boudoir shoot with Drewperspectives isn’t so much about concealing your imperfections, but rather, werk-ing with what you have to bring out your very best. Case in point, I first tried posing with my arm over my stomach to hide that mini paunch on my lower tummy that pretty much every human has, but was immediately sniffed out. “A pose like this shows a sense of insecurity, so let’s not do that,” Andrew explained. Dang, caught me right there.

Instead, Andrew taught me how to elongate my body - and thus flatten my tummy - by stretching my arms upwards and arching my back. He also advised me on how to angle myself such that the light would bounce off my curves in the most flattering way. Occasionally, he even demonstrated poses himself for me to copy, which was hilarious but super helpful.

That, coupled with Andrew’s good eye, and skillful usage of natural lighting and shadows, resulted in a series of sensual snapshots that had me gasping, “Wow, I never knew I could look like this!” - and that’s exactly the sort of wonderment Andrew strives to evoke with each of his boudoir shoots.

Gaining new appreciation for my body


Drewperspectives Singapore boudoir photography reviewPhoto from Drewperspectives

If you were to ask me to point out what I dislike about my appearance, I could probably draft you an entire listicle. So when asked by Andrew what I liked most about my body out of the blue, I drew a blank.

Through this shoot, however, I learnt that the very vessel that I’ve been so critical of indeed has so much of its own unique beauty, but I've been too focused on my flaws to see the goddess that I could be. Andrew helped draw out all that potential and more, allowing me to gain a new sense of self-love.

Turns out, all my working out had paid off, and I did have a rather defined set of back and abdominal muscles made even more prominent with the right poses. My derrière and thighs, often the subject of my complaints for being thicker than I desire, exuded a feminine softness in the photos. While not pictured here for privacy reasons, I must say that I also love how perky my bum appeared.

As for my much-hated backne scars, those were made virtually invisible thanks to the strategic lighting and angles.

Not gonna lie, it was also a nice ego boost seeing my fiancé get excited over the photos and ask for more when I gave him a cheeky sneak peek of the collection I received. Needless to say, he was one happy man when he received the folder link ?

Whether you’re someone who’s already gained a strong sense of body confidence, or are still searching for that within you, I’d wholeheartedly encourage trying out a boudoir photoshoot at least once in your life - it’s a fully empowering experience that you won’t regret, with timeless keepsakes to look back on when you're old and wrinkly.

Tips for your first boudoir photoshoot


Drewperspectives Singapore boudoir photography reviewPhoto from Drewperspectives

Thinking of booking yourself a boudoir photoshoot with Drewperspectives? Here are some tips to help make your experience a smoother and more fruitful one, based on my own experience.

  • Compile some reference photos of poses you might like to attempt
  • Bring a variety of lingerie styles and colours so you can switch things up halfway. You can’t go wrong with sultry black or red, while light-coloured pieces stand out nicely in dim lighting. Remember that it doesn't always have to be a regular bra and panties set; Bustier tops and one-piece outfits like teddies work too.
  • Even if you don't typically wear them, consider getting a thong or cheeky panties for the shoot as that'll make your butt really pop
  • A piece of outerwear can also help add variety to your shots. This can be anything from a boyfriend shirt to a satin robe, or even a simple shawl.
  • Wear looser undergarments during your commute so you won’t end up with red lines on your body once it’s time to strip
  • Have a workout the night before or morning of your shoot to make your muscles look extra defined
  • Bold makeup will help your features stand out better in the shadows
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal beforehand so as to prevent your “food baby” from showing
  • Clients typically tend to be more comfortable when they attend the session alone, with as few people in the room as possible. However, if you'd like to have a friend or your partner accompany you, that can be arranged as well.

Drewperpectives usually does shoots at his cosy home studio in Changi, but clients can request for external locations such as other studios, a hotel, or their own bedrooms. Find out more and get a quotation via his website, and view more of his work on Instagram.

Editor’s note: Drewperspectives has given prior approval for all the above photos to be featured in this article. Photo of author (in purple robe) is not to be reproduced on any other publications, websites, and social media accounts.

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