Sanrio Has Released Free Pompompurin Phone Wallpapers In Cheery New 2022 Edition Designs

Sanrio Has Released Free Pompompurin Phone Wallpapers In Cheery New 2022 Edition Designs

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By Rachel on 11 Apr 2022
Senior Digital Editor

Where Sanrio merchandise is concerned, we often come across pinkish designs featuring characters like Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars, but if full-on girly colours aren’t your thing, then Pompompurin is one equally cute alternative! Because Pompompurin is a golden retriever, anything related to him often comes in warm colours like yellow and orange to match, which brings about a cheery vibe.

Here are 6 new Pompompurin-themed phone wallpapers recently released by Sanrio, with fresh designs specially for 2022.

Read on to check out these new Pompompurin phone wallpapers!

Pompompurin Phone WallpaperPhoto from Sanrio

Here’s one phone wallpaper design perfect for homebodies. In the middle is Pompompurin holding his hamster friend Muffin surrounded by other tiny home-related illustrations like colouring books, plushies, biscuits, and bedroom slippers - all set against an orangey gingham-striped background.

Look closely and you’ll realise that plenty of the homeware motifs - including tissue boxes, kettles, and alarm clocks - are drawn to look like the doggy character himself!

Pompompurin Phone WallpaperPhoto from Sanrio

Don’t like too much clutter? Here’s a simpler alternative, with a single image of Pompompurin sitting on a cloud with a rainbow in the middle.

Pompompurin Pancake Phone WallpaperPhoto from Sanrio

With Pompompurin being a pudding-like creature, it’s not surprising at all that there are dessert-themed designs. This one shows the Sanrio character lying flat on a stack of jiggly souffle pancakes with a cube of butter on his head, while his tiny rodent friends sit around relaxing or snacking.


Pompompurin Blue Phone WallpaperPhoto from Sanrio

For some colour contrast, there’s this powder blue wallpaper with white polka dots, featuring the whole gang including Macaroon the white doggo, Bagel the squirrel, Mint the frog, and Whip the penguin.

Pompompurin Calendar Phone WallpaperPhoto from Sanrio

Hate fumbling around just to get to your calendar app? This April 2022 Pompompurin phone wallpaper will come in extremely handy this month.

Pompompurin Aries Phone WallpaperPhoto from Sanrio

And here’s something specially for the Aries babies - a “Happy Aries Season” Pompompurin wallpaper declaring that it’s your time to shine. Here, Pompompurin and friends are seen lounging on a two-tiered panna cotta, with Pompompurin dressed up to resemble Aries the ram.

More pretty phone wallpapers to check out:

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