We Cannot Stop Raving About This Award-winning K-beauty Cosmeceutical Brand - Here Are 4 Products To Try

We Cannot Stop Raving About This Award-winning K-beauty Cosmeceutical Brand - Here Are 4 Products To Try

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By Sophie Hong on 04 Mar 2022
Senior Editor

If you haven’t tried CNP Laboratory products yet, well, this is a sign that you should. Here’s why you shouldn’t sleep on this cosmeceutical brand from Korea - developed over 20 years ago by dermatology clinic CNP for its patients, CNP Laboratory has earned a good reputation for its highly effective, yet affordable, products. 

To date, it remains one of Korea’s best-selling brands and has won numerous awards both locally and internationally, including our very own GirlStyle Favourites! In fact, the brand won in a total of 3 categories in our beauty awards this year. 

Not that you need further convincing, but the brand is also endorsed by IU. If you’ve always wanted her flawless and radiant complexion, well now you know the secret! 

Read on for some recommended CNP Laboratory products to try! 

For healthy skin, try: CNP Laboratory’s ampules

One key feature of Korean skincare routines is the usage of ampules and CNP Laboratory is well known for their ampules that really work. Ampules are targeted and supercharged skincare, meant to address specific skin concerns or conditions. CNP Laboratory’s ampules are formulated for daily use, so you can go ahead and add them into your skincare routine to make it more effective. 

CNP Laboratory’s repertoire of ampules include: 

Propolis Energy Ampule

Propolis Energy Ampule, $40.90.Photo from CNP Laboratory

Contains propolis extract to nourish, hydrate and soothe dry skin. Its antioxidant properties, together with hyaluronic acid, help to also enhance skin’s vitality for firmer and glowing skin. Propolis Energy Ampule also contains CNP’s Anti-Irritant Complex, beta-glucan and madecassoside to soothe sensitive skin. Get it here

Mugener Ampule 

Mugener Ampule, $40.90.Photo from CNP Laboratory

Experiencing troubled or sensitive skin? This ampule, which contains glycosaminogylcan and allantoin, increases the skin’s regeneration rate to restore to its original condition, soothes sensitive skin and provides additional moisture to protect the skin from external stressors, keeping it clean and clear. Get it here.

Vita-B Energy Ampule 

Vita-B Energy Ampule, $48.90. Photo from CNP Laboratory

If your skin looks dull or tired, re-energise it with this ampoule made with 7 types of vitamin B, including niacinamide, gluthathione and cherry blossom extract. You’ll be glowing in no time. Get it here.

Ferulic Actimune Ampule 

Ferulic Actimune Ampule, $48.90.Photo from CNP Laboratory

This skin strengthening ampule is the latest ampule launched by CNP Laboratory, and contains a powerful anti-oxidant formula of ferulic acid and vitamins that protects your skin from oxidative stress (which accelerates skin ageing). This ampule also helps to get rid of blemishes and dullness, revealing clearer and more youthful-looking skin. Get it here.

For sun protection, try: CNP Laboratory’s Tone-up Protection Sun

Tone-up Protection Sun, $47.20.Photo from CNP Laboratory

A good sunscreen protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays, but you know what makes an even better sunscreen? One that does so much more than that. 

The Tone-up Protection Sun from CNP Laboratory comes with pearl powder to enhance your skin’s natural tone, giving you a soft filtered look. It is hypoallergenic and helps with sebum control, so you don’t look too shiny at the end of the day. We love a hardworking sunscreen that is also suitable for sensitive skin, which is why it’s voted Best Tinted Sunscreen in GirlStyle Favourites 2022. Get it here.

For vanquishing pimples, try: CNP Laboratory’s Anti-Blemish Spot Patch

Anti-Blemish Spot Patch, $12.90. Photo from CNP Laboratory

Pimples always have this annoying habit of showing up at the most inconvenient of times, so here’s a simple solution: just stick CNP Laboratory’s Anti-Blemish Spot Patch over it. It works well on both bare skin and over makeup, which is why it won in the Best Acne Patch category of GirlStyle Favourites! 

The patch effectively blocks out external pollutants so that the pimple isn’t further aggravated, but still remains breathable so you don’t end up trapping moisture. With salicylic acid and tea tree oil, the patch gently coaxes out all that nasty pimple gunk and reduces its appearance. Get it here.

For hydration, try: CNP Laboratory’s Hydro Cera Intense Cream

Hydro Cera Intense Cream, $69.90.Photo from CNP Laboratory

Named the Most Gentle Mid-range Moisturiser For Dry Skin in GirlStyle Favourites 2022, the Hydro Cera Intense Cream delivers instant hydration without irritating skin or clogging up pores. 

Using the power of 5 types of ceramides in concentrations of 2% and 7 different minerals, this cream cares for both the lipids and keratinocytes that make up your skin, thus strengthening your skin’s moisture barrier. With a strong and healthy moisture barrier, your skin’s ability to create and retain moisture will naturally improve.  Get it here.

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