Avril Lavigne Has A 25-Song Playlist Full Of “Girlfriend” Remixes Including Chinese & Japanese Versions

Avril Lavigne Has A 25-Song Playlist Full Of “Girlfriend” Remixes Including Chinese & Japanese Versions

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By Rachel on 13 Feb 2022
Senior Digital Editor

Avril Lavigne recently got herself signed to Blink-182 member Travis Barker’s record label and released two new singles, “Bite Me” and "Love It When You Hate Me". She also lent her voice to “Flames” by her new beau, singer-songwriter MOD SUN.

But we’re not here to talk about her new album, nor her love life. Instead, we’re turning the clock more than a decade back, to re-visit one of her top singles, “Girlfriend” - which we just found out has 25 remixes, including Chinese and Japanese versions.

Read on to find out about the different remixes of Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend”!

Avril Lavigne "Girlfriend" - different versionsPhoto from Avril Lavigne

Now, I consider myself a hardcore Avril fan, having been rockin' out to her early tunes back when I was a mere primary school student (“Sk8er Boi” and “My Happy Ending”, anyone?). But I’m highly ashamed to say that I’ve only just discovered her arsenal of “Girlfriend” remixes, all dumped in a single 25-track playlist. The kicker? This playlist was created by her official Spotify account, not some random fan account.

I’m not entirely sure when these other versions of this 2007 hit first surfaced, but a quick scroll-through will show that it comes in various languages including French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese…and even Chinese/Mandarin

Avril Lavigne "Girlfriend" - different versionsPhoto from Spotify

It was quite the surreal experience hearing the Canadian songstress belt out, “HEY HEY YOU YOU WO BU SHI XUAN NI DE NU PENG YOU / NO WAY NO WAY NI XU YAO YI GE XIN DE” (“HEY HEY YOU YOU 我不喜欢你的女朋友 / NO WAY NO WAY 你需要一个新的“). Yes, the translations are direct ones - and thankfully, they're accurate.

Avril Lavigne "Girlfriend" - different versionsPhoto from Avril Lavigne


One thing my colleague and I both noticed was that she sounds a little bit like a robot in the Mandarin recording, which begs the question of whether the punk pop princess actually recorded those portions, or simply altered the original English version electronically to produce this alternative version. Nevertheless, this is a rendition you have to give a listen to if you understand the language - it’s pretty mind-blowing.

The Japanese version sounds less robotic in comparison. This is not the first time Avril has been heard singing in Japanese - the track "Hello Kitty" from her self-titled album has a couple of Japanese phrases (albeit with strange grammar), and there’s also a Japanese version of “Hot”.

I still have mixed feelings about these different “Girlfriend” remixes, and will probably still stick to the original English version unless for sh*ts and giggles. But one thing’s for certain - this earworm is timeless, and it’ll be a while before I stop hearing Avril’s resonant vocals in my head going “HEY HEY YOU YOU” on repeat.

Check out Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” EP playlist with 25 versions of the song below:

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