Influencer Naomi Neo Reveals That She's Adopted, Shares Thoughts In A 19-Minute YouTube Video

Influencer Naomi Neo Reveals That She's Adopted, Shares Thoughts In A 19-Minute YouTube Video

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By Jean on 26 Jan 2022
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Singaporean influencer Naomi Neo has revealed that she is adopted. On the night of 25 January, the 26-year-old released a 19-minute Youtube video detailing how she came to the realisation as well as her thoughts about her parentage and adopted family.

Read on to find out more about Naomi's thoughts on being adopted!

Naomi Neo's birth certificate and health booklet
Photo from Naomi Neo via YouTube

First suspected she was adopted during a health check-up in school

In her latest YouTube video, Naomi shared that she had first suspected that she was adopted when she and her friends were discussing their blood types during a health check-up in school. The 26-year-old said that she was the only one who did not know her blood type as the information was not present in her health booklet. Her parents, when questioned, were also uncertain about it.

Naomi Neo's Identity Card
Photo from Naomi Neo via YouTube

Fuelling her suspicions was her Identity Card which states that the influencer was born in China. Growing up, Naomi had brought this topic up to her parents multiple times but had received different answers each time. For instance, her mum told Naomi that her dad was in China for a work trip but a couple of years later when asked the same question, she was told that her grandparents were on a holiday to China.

No baby photos of her under the age of 3

Naomi Neo and her mother
Photo from Naomi Neo via YouTube

The mother of 2 also realised that her parents did not have any baby photos of herself below the age of 3. When she broached the topic, she was told by her mum that the photos were left at their old house. She brushed it off at that time but after becoming a mother herself, Naomi realised that something was wrong as she felt that baby photos are something that "every mum would keep very closely to themselves".

Naomi's mother seemed unaware of how a pregnancy felt like

Naomi Neo and her mother
Photo from Naomi Neo via YouTube


When Naomi was pregnant with her firstborn, Kyzo, she recalled that her mum was fascinated by pregnancy-related happenings like her baby's kicks and that she did not share her own pregnancy experience. When the topic of blood types resurfaced after one of her maternity check-ups, she phoned her parents separately only to receive different answers. That was also when her parents realised that they had to come clean about her parentage.

Her parents wanted to take this secret to their graves

Naomi Neo and her parents during her graduation ceremony
Photo from Naomi Neo via YouTube

In her 19-minute YouTube video, the 26-year-old sat her parents down where they shared candidly about her whole adoption process and why they decided upon it. Naomi's mother shared that she forbade the mention of the word "adopted" as both herself and Naomi's dad treated her as their own flesh and blood. Her mum also revealed that they wanted to "hide it from [her] forever" as they were afraid that the influencer might leave home once she knew of the truth.

Naomi felt that the news did not come as a surprise but more of an affirmation to years of suspicion 

When she was finally told the truth, the influencer shared that she felt a little "lost and confused" despite having her suspicions confirmed. She also reflected that she was thankful to her parents for their unwavering care over the years despite her not being their biological daughter.

In a closing note, the influencer said, "Thank you mommy and daddy for fostering me, guiding me, teaching me and loving me like your own. It isn’t an easy task bringing up a child of your own, what more one who isn't."

You may watch the full video here: 

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