New Homeowners, Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Get This Steam-assisted Self-cleaning Oven

New Homeowners, Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Get This Steam-assisted Self-cleaning Oven

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By Sophie Hong on 18 Jan 2022
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With so many different types of ovens available on the market, new homeowners are often overwhelmed by choice. Good quality household appliances do not come cheap, so you want to make sure that you get an oven that meets your cooking needs, goes well with the design of your house and is something that you’ll use for years. 

If you lead a busy lifestyle and need dinner to be simple and quick, or if you absolutely detest cleaning up, then here’s one oven that you might want to consider: Brandt’s new steam-assisted catalytic oven. 

Read on to find out why this 60cm built-in oven would be a perfect fit for you! 

#1 The oven de-greases itself

      Photo from Brandt

It’s 2022 - and if you’re still wiping down your oven manually after every use, you’re doing it wrong. Brandt’s steam-assisted catalytic oven has two walls that are covered with a special microporous enamel, which oxidises the grease produced during cooking. All you have to do is set the oven to “CLEAN” mode and a 30-minute countdown will begin.

#2 You get better results with the new steam-assisted function

     Photo from Brandt

The new automatic steam-assisted cooking programmes for poultry and fish are designed to preserve the food's nutritional values. Plus you can cook food at faster speeds of up to 20%, without compromising on the flavour. 

For example: place lukewarm water in a drip pan on the bottom shelf and your chicken on the middle shelf. It’ll take just 59 minutes to roast a chicken with perfectly crispy skin on the outside and soft, juicy flesh on the inside - compared to the traditional roasting method which takes 75 minutes! 

#3 The oven distributes heat evenly, so food cooks perfectly on all levels

     Photo from Brandt

You’ve probably heard that you should bake cookies, brownies or cakes in the middle rack of your oven. And if you’re cooking food on multiple levels, swap them around mid-way to balance out the heat distribution. 

Brandt’s patented Quattro Pulse Technology evenly distributes heat around the oven. So go ahead, use all 6 levels to prepare all the ingredients for your dinner with peace of mind, knowing that nothing will burn or undercook.

#4 You’ll get gifts with purchase, worth $390 in total!

      Photo from Brandt

From now till 31 January, every purchase of the Catalytic Oven ($1080) will come with: 

  • Brandt cooking class for 2 pax worth $200
  • Brandt apron and mitten set worth $50
  • 45mm Brandt oven drip tray worth $100
  • Complimentary in-home product demonstration worth $40

#5 The sleek black design goes well with most interior design styles

       Photo from Brandt

The minimal lines and glossy black colour of this oven make it an ideal fit for most homes, whether it’s mid-century modern, Japandi or contemporary. This new aesthetic is a perfect integration for the style-conscious homeowner’s kitchen!

Get the 60cm Steam-assisted catalytic oven from Brandt here.

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