I Tried 4 Teeth Whitening Hacks, And Here’s What Really Worked

I Tried 4 Teeth Whitening Hacks, And Here’s What Really Worked

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By Sophie Hong on 30 Dec 2021
Senior Editor

Teeth whitening is something that I’m very conscientious about. I’ve tried professional whitening and at-home whitening strips, and while they worked, these two methods just aren’t practical for my wallet or tooth sensitivity. 

The reason why I’m so concerned about the yellow stains on my teeth is because I do a lot of things that stain teeth. I drink at least one cup of coffee every day, and indulge in red wine on the weekends. Not to mention, my love for acidic foods like Balsamic vinegar and sauces all contribute to the discolouration of my teeth. I also have a recurring stain on a bottom tooth because my teeth aren’t completely straight, so sometimes I miss out on brushing that spot (sorry, TMI). 

Read on to see which popular teeth whitening hacks actually work! 

#1 Brush with baking soda

Teeth whitening hack #1: Brush with baking sodaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Instructions: Mix equal parts baking soda and water to form a paste (I used one tablespoon each). Dip your toothbrush into it and brush for a couple of minutes. Rinse. 

       Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Pros: Can’t deny that the baking soda gave my teeth a good clean. It got rid of the tartar and plaque buildup, and my teeth felt very smooth and polished after - it even looked more reflective in photos! 

Cons: It tasted quite horrible. The paste was extremely salty, and I gagged quite a bit while brushing. Not the most pleasant experience. 

5/10 would not recommend. 

#2 Oil pulling

Teeth whitening hack #2: Oil pullingPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Instructions: Swirl 1 tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes, making sure that it covers all areas. Make sure to flush the oil between your teeth as well. I used extra virgin coconut oil, though you can also use sesame oil or olive oil. Spit the oil into the bin instead of your sink to avoid clogging it, and rinse your mouth. 

       Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Pros: The coconut oil tasted quite yummy, and the layer of oil on my lips helped to condition them at the same time. 

Cons: I didn’t notice an immediate improvement, so I guess this is something that you’d have to do regularly to see any results. Also, 15 minutes is a really long time to be swishing something in your mouth - my mouth was already sore by the five-minute mark. 

2/10 would not recommend. 

#3 Brush with activated charcoal

Teeth whitening hack #3: Brush with activated charcoalPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Instructions: Put the activated charcoal on your toothbrush and start brushing gently in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly after you’ve brushed all your teeth. You can get activated charcoal powder by buying charcoal pills in capsule form. 

      Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Pros: I could see that my teeth were whitened slightly because all the surface stains from breakfast were gone, but the tougher recurring stain on my bottom tooth remained. 

Cons: While it worked, this was a very messy process. When I broke the capsule to get the powder, it spilt everywhere and stained my sink. Thank goodness I wasn’t wearing a white shirt! I’ve also read that charcoal can actually be quite abrasive and wear down your tooth enamel, plus there’s no actual scientific evidence proving that it’s a safe method for teeth whitening. 

3/10 would not recommend. 

#4 Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste

Teeth whitening hack #4: Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme ToothpastePhoto from Darlie

Instructions: Squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush and brush away! 

      Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Pros: I used the floral fresh flavour and I really enjoyed how fragrant and minty fresh my breath smelled after. Unlike the other options I tried earlier, this Darlie toothpaste cleanses my mouth, freshens my breath and whitens my teeth all at the same time. 

     Photo from Darlie

The formula contains two enzymes: glucanase to break down the bonds in plaque, making it easier to dissolve stains; and papain, which hydrolyses protein that’s present in saliva and plaque, thereby destroying the biofilm that stains tend to stick onto. It’s also proven by a study to have 5 times the stain-fighting power compared to normal toothpaste. 

And unlike other teeth whitening methods that I’ve tried before, this whitening toothpaste does not cause any tooth sensitivity, so I can continue indulging in cold drinks and ice cream without any pain. 

Besides remaining gentle on tooth enamel, the Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste also protects against future stains by forming a high-density protective layer over teeth, so I can drink my daily coffee without compromising my pearly whites. 

Cons: The results are not immediate for everyone and can take up to 14 days to show. But hey, that’s a minor con for a convenient, wallet-friendly and pain-free teeth whitening treatment, right? 

      Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Try it for yourself!
Redeem a free sample of Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste here. While stocks last. 

      Photo from Darlie

Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste is retailing at leading supermarkets, pharmacies and personal care stores. Also available online at Shopee and Lazada

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