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Learn From The Japanese! Try This 3-Step Cat-Style Waist Trimming Workout Today!

Learn From The Japanese! Try This 3-Step Cat-Style Waist Trimming Workout Today!

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By elaine.kiew on 14 Aug 2018

What do you mean cat-style? LOL!


The Japanese are known for their funny, innovative and sometimes eccentric variety shows but hey, they are entertaining and... they always come up with solutions we never knew existed. This time, they blew us away with this 3-step cat style waist trimming workout!

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See the resemblance?

During an episode in popular Japanese variety show「スター☆ドラフト会議」, Chinese qi gong master Yu Zhi Hong introduced the「3 Step Cat-Style Waist Trimming Exercise」 and guaranteed (based on experience and expertise) that females who try this exercise religiously every night before they sleep will definitely reduce their waistline by 10cm and shed at least 4KG.

The best part about this exercise is that it don't require any form of dieting! #woohoo



During the programme, the qi gong master explained that this「3 Step Cat-Style Waist Trimming Exercise」was actually inspired from the cat pose in yoga~

This cat-style stretch allows practitioners to relax their shoulders, back and pelvis.

While doing this, practitioners can also feel an adrenaline rush through their body which scientifically expands air passages in lungs, helps to redistribute blood to various muscles and most importantly, improves their body's metabolism which at the end of the day aids in the loss of calories! #wow


When we are stretching our back, we'd naturally (and unknowingly) engage in two different breathing techniques with our diaphragm and chest which would in turn 'activate' our internal organs and get them to do what they are meant to do.


Let's Take A Look At How The「3 Step Cat-Style Waist Trimming Exercise」Works!

#Step 1: Get on all fours like a cat (yes, for real)



Remember to keep your knees apart and your arms parallel against the floor.

#Step 2: Inhaling


While inhaling, stretch and hold your breath for nine minutes (or as long as your body permits; please don't suffocate!). While holding your breath, relax your chest while you raise your back, like a cat.


#Step 3: Exhaling




While exhaling, stretch both your hands forward and lay them on the ground while you bring your legs in to meet your body as closely as possible.

Well, we're not sure if he's being serious but... According to the qi gong master, you should perform this act while 'meowing' like a cat. (LOL!)

Just like how you inhaled, you should be in this position for at least 9 minutes (or as long as your body permits~


This 3 steps may seem easy but it could possibly pose a challenge when you have to repeat it 10 times every night. We don't know if it would work for sure BUT the ones who've tried it have seen notable results!

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Besides losing 10cm off her waist circumference, she also lost a total of 4KG in one month! #wow

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Text by: Girlstyle SG