Hair Loss In Your 20s? It’s Actually Not Uncommon - Here’s How You Can Treat It With TCM

Hair Loss In Your 20s? It’s Actually Not Uncommon - Here’s How You Can Treat It With TCM

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By Sophie Hong on 18 Oct 2021
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I never thought that I had to worry about hair loss in my 20s. But as the years went by, I noticed more and more hair clogging up my shower drain. I picked up more strands of hair off my bedroom floor and I swear my hair parting seems to be widening with age. It isn’t serious enough for me to panic just yet, but the amount of hair I’m dropping is enough to worry me. To help encourage healthy hair growth, I turned to the experts at Yun Nam Hair Care for a TCM way to get better and stronger hair!

Yun Nam Hair Care’s FASTGro™ Hair Treatment combines the latest innovations in hair growth technology together with premium traditional Chinese herbs such as ginseng, angelica root (dang gui) and tuber fleeceflower (He Shou Wu) to encourage healthy hair growth. 

And rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, each customer will get a customised herbal blend during the treatment, tailored specifically to address the issues causing their hair loss.

Read on for our review of Yun Nam Hair Care’s FASTGro™ Hair Treatment

Before the treatment 

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First, a consultant will assess your hair and do a scalp scan to determine what’s causing your hair loss. As it turns out, there are a lot of things that can cause women in their 20s to experience thinning hair, including: 

  • Stress 
  • Hormonal changes
  • Genetics
  • Poor diet 

My hair has been bleached several times so it’s already damaged. I also suffer from trichotillomania, a disorder that causes me to pull or tug at my hair when I am under stress. Upon closer inspection using a salp scanning device, my consultant Jeannie confirmed that my hair cuticles are indeed weakened and that I am starting to develop thinning patches on my scalp.

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That’s not all - Jeannie also pointed out that I have overly active sebaceous glands that are producing too much oil, causing my hair follicles to clog up. Those clogs cannot be removed using normal shampoo and they prevent my follicles from absorbing nutrients, slowing my hair growth. 

During the treatment

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The first part of the FASTGro™ Hair Treatment is a good hair wash. Because of my clogged scalp, a ginseng shampoo specifically created for oily scalp was chosen to remove excess oil and relieve my scalp of irritation. Jeannie gave me a thorough scrub and I really enjoyed how she instinctively knew which parts of my scalp were itching and scrubbed harder in those areas. 

She then conditioned my hair with two types of conditioner: one to moisturise my scalp and the other to nourish my dry and damaged ends. After rinsing and towel drying, it was time to apply the FASTGro™ herbal blend customised for my condition. The blend used on me was Herbalogy Formula 2, which was specially created for those who suffer from hair loss due to chronic stress and have oily scalps - both were issues that Jeannie highlighted about my hair condition during our consultation earlier. 

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The herbal blend was carefully applied to my scalp and felt pleasantly cool and tingly. Apparently, the blend soothes and nourishes my scalp so as to stop it from overproducing sebum. To aid absorption, Jeannie massaged my head for five minutes, left my hair to steam for twenty minutes and finished up with another five-minute head massage. 

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She only worked on my head, but I could feel my entire body relaxing. I might even have dozed off for a little bit. 

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After the final rinse, two types of lotion were applied to my hair - one with ginseng extract to stabilise the hair loss areas and one with a nourishing formula to encourage hair growth. Lastly, Jeannie styled my hair and applied serums to help protect it. 

I have very long hair, so the treatment session took about two and a half hours - which is slightly longer than usual. No complaints though, because it was a much-needed pampering session. My hair rarely gets this much TLC, and the head massages really hit the spot for me.

After the treatment 

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The immediate difference I noticed was the revitalisation of my hair - it looked shinier and felt smoother.

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Another scalp scan was done and to my complete surprise, most of the clogs in my hair follicles have been effectively removed. I could even spot emerging baby hairs in some of the follicles, which didn’t show up in the prior scan because they were blocked by oil clogs. Jeannie advised that I should take better care of my scalp because clogging can reduce my hair’s lifespan and prevent new growth. 

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This was how much clearer and healthier my scalp looked after just one treatment session. And while certain parts of my scalp look a little dry, its condition will improve over the course of a few sessions. 

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I was then sent home with a hair care kit consisting of a shampoo, conditioner and nutritional lotion, all chosen specifically to address my hair issues. 

A week after the treatment and using the Yun Nam Hair Care products given to me, I was amazed to find that I now only see a few strands of hair on my shower drain, which means I’m no longer losing hair by the handfuls. It will take three to six months for me to see new growth, so in the meantime, I’m diligently washing my hair and patiently waiting for my baby hairs to show! For quicker hair growth results or more serious scalp issues, it’s best to get multiple treatment sessions from Yun Nam Hair Care to nurse your hair and scalp back to full health.

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