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$38 Nett Scalp Treatment & Yukata Experience In Singapore Includes Free Hair Styling, Unlimited Drinks & Snacks

$38 Nett Scalp Treatment & Yukata Experience In Singapore Includes Free Hair Styling, Unlimited Drinks & Snacks

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By Karmen on 06 Nov 2021
Digital Editor

A little birdie told me about a scalp treatment in Singapore that sounded too good to be true. Apparently, T&C Beauty House, an all-in-one beauty salon, offers a scalp treatment at just $38 nett for first-time customers. The price also includes a mini massage, free yukata try-on and unlimited snacks and drinks.


With no website and a barren Instagram account, this sounded pretty sus. Thus, I arranged an appointment via phone call to find out if it was truly a hidden gem as rumoured.

Nestled in a humble heartland area a 6-minute walk from Bedok MRT Station, T&C Beauty House's storefront did not leave a good impression.

The first level houses a hair salon and nail salon with a bland set-up that looked rather uninviting. Feeling skeptical, I announced myself to the busy staff who directed me upstairs.

T&C Beauty House bedok singapore level 1 entrancePhoto from T&C Beauty House

Imagine my surprise when the entrance of the second floor turned out to look worlds apart from the shabby first floor. Resembling a garden patio, it was decorated with faux greenery, artificial grass and outdoor decking, along with baby pink chairs.

This new extension just opened its doors earlier this year and is dedicated to scalp treatments.

entrance of t&c beauty house singapore affordable scalp and hair treatmentPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


Ambience at T&C Beauty House

With spirits raised, I headed up the stairs and was even more in awe of the interior. The cosy, Japanese-inspired space was converted from a former HDB flat so it seemed like entering someone's home. The shoes-off policy cemented the homey, unintimidating ambience.

kimono yukata free try on rental in singapore at t&c beauty housePhoto from T&C Beauty House

Scalp Treatment at T&C Beauty House

After a scalp scan detailing the various issues I had, a friendly staff member led me to the treatment room behind one of the shoji doors.

They provided a disposable tube dress to change into as the scalp treatment also comes with a mini massage. Once I was ready to start, the lights went out and in its place were light patterns projected on the ceiling along with nature sounds and music playing softly.

hair and scalp treatment room at t&c beauty house singaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

First was a hair wash, followed by a scalp scrub with a handheld scalp massager that thankfully didn't feel too harsh. Next was a gua sha scalp massage to help stimulate blood circulation, followed by a 15-minute steaming session for the hair and scalp to absorb the nutrients from the products applied.


The staff member gave a quick neck, shoulder and arm massage while my hair was getting steamed. It was a pretty decent massage, not the kind that leaves your muscles feeling loose, but still relaxing nonetheless.

After that, I went for a post-treatment scalp scan which revealed that my scalp was less oily with less clogged hair follicles. The entire process took about 45 minutes.

scalp treatment, japanese hair styling and kimono yukata free try on rental at t&c beauty housePhoto from T&C Beauty House

Yukata Experience

During the scalp scan, I was eyeing their small but enticing rack of yukatas. It seemed like most customers were only interested in the scalp treatment and I had to specifically request to try on one of their yukatas, a complimentary experience for customers.

One staff member expertly braided my hair into an updo within a minute and stuck on a few traditional Japanese-style hair accessories. Two others joined to help dress me in the yukata I chose. These summer kimonos will be layered over your own clothes so it's best to wear something lightweight.

Once the look was complete, it was time for the wannabe model posing against the shoji doors!

t&c beauty house singapore kimono yukata photoshoot japanese style settingPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


t&c beauty house singapore kimono free yukata photoshoot japanese style settingPhoto from T&C Beauty House

This experience hit me right in the feels. It reminded me so much of my yukata experience in Tokyo, Japan, and served as a tiny consolation for not being able to travel there for nearly two years and counting.

If your friend/partner's photography skills aren't cutting it, you could try asking the staff members. One of them was a particularly good photographer and she helped snap a few photos  like the one above.

Complimentary Food & Drinks

After that fun photoshoot, I retreated to the mini bar located at the back of the salon. This area is for customers to hang out, relax and enjoy snacks and drinks after their scalp treatment.

mini bar at t&c beauty house singapore hair scalp treatmentPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Customers are free to request for any drink they like including tea, milk tea and cocktails, as well as assorted light bites served on a gorgeous mini high tea stand. While the snacks themselves weren't the most premium, the presentation elevated it to an almost bougie status.

drinking bubble tea while wearing rental yukata kimono at t&c beauty housePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


There are only three of these stands so you might be served snacks on a regular plate if it happens to be a busy day.

mini high tea and cocktails at t&c beauty house singapore affordable scalp and hair treatmentPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Service at T&C Beauty House

And now for the million-dollar question, was there any hard-selling of packages? Thankfully, no. Although a staff member was overly eager to sell me their expensive scalp tonic, she didn't push too hard on it when I declined. There was only a brief mention of packages and their parting words were to drop them a call or message if I wanted to make another appointment. After the first time session, subsequent scalp treatments are priced at $98, with lower prices if you purchase packages.

While I had a blast for just 38 bucks nett, I probably wouldn't revisit T&C Beauty House anytime soon mainly because of the location and the additional $60.

As the space is quite small with only one scalp scanner, I imagine that the experience might not be as relaxing if it was a full house. It's also worth noting that the staff are Chinese-speaking only which may be a dealbreaker for those who don't speak the language.

However, if you love yukatas and kimonos, this is definitely worth a first-time try. $38 is about the same price I paid just for renting a yutaka in Japan, but now you get a scalp treatment plus snacks and drinks. All the staff members were friendly and professional, and there was no obligation to sign packages.

[June 2022 update: the scalp treatments are now revamped along with hanfus replacing the kimono, and are priced at $88 for first-time customers. Find out more about it here.]

T&C Beauty House
Address: 208 New Upper Changi Rd, #01-659, Singapore 460208 (Bedok MRT)
Opening hours: 10am to 8pm daily
Facebook | Make an appointment at 6441 0993

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