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14 Facts About Samantha Tan, The NOC Influencer Who's Victim Of Sylvia Chan's Alleged Vulgar Insults

14 Facts About Samantha Tan, The NOC Influencer Who's Victim Of Sylvia Chan's Alleged Vulgar Insults

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By Rachel Yohannan on 09 Oct 2021
Senior Digital Editor

Sylvia Chan, co-founder of Singaporean YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics, needs no introduction. After divorcing from ex-husband Ryan Tan in 2020, she’s since come under the spotlight again - this time for allegedly using vulgar language on her staff.


However, being relatively new to NOC and media limelight in general, Samantha Tan Yifen - the victim of some of Sylvia’s unkind insults including “f*** face” and “f***ing annoying”- is still a fresh face in the scene. As such, there's a lot to her that audiences still don't know about yet. We know you're probably curious, so here are 14 things to know about NOC’s Samantha Tanwho seems like a pretty awesome human being in our opinion.

P.S.: For those who are still in the dark on the Sylvia Chan saga, get up to date with the full story here.

Read on to find out more about Sylvia Chan from Night Owl Cinematics!

#1: She got into Night Owl Cinematics by winning kNOCk Out!, NOC’s reality show challenge

Samantha Tan NOC Night Owl CinematicsPhoto from @samanthatyf via Instagram

Samantha didn’t score her Night Owl Cinematics position simply by sending in a resume and audition reel. She actually took part in kNOCk Out!, NOC’s 2020 reality show with 8 gruelling challenges that involved all things related to content creation - acting, hosting, and branding included. In the final episode, the finalists were made to produce and star in their own videos within a short period of time - for which Samantha emerged the grand champion.

Samantha Tan NOC Night Owl CinematicsPhoto from @samanthatyf via Instagram


In a heartwarming twist, Samantha ended up sharing her team’s massive shopping spree prize with the other contestants as well - something that was mutually decided upon within her team of 4 even before results were announced.

There has been no season 2 of kNOCk Out! so far.

#2: She’s a full-time preschool teacher, and juggles that while talenting for NOC

Samantha Tan NOC Night Owl CinematicsPhoto from @samanthatyf via Instagram

While being a talent for Night Owl Cinematics, Samantha also juggled her University studies, as well as her full-time job as a preschool teacher. She has since graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education with Psychology from Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), and continues bringing joy to little children at GU+MMI Smart Kids where she presently works.

#3: Her second Instagram account is full of infographics & videos about early childcare

Samantha Tan NOC askteachersamPhoto from @askteachersam via Instagram

While her main Instagram page @samanthatyf is full of selfies, endorsement posts, and little nuggets about her daily life, Samantha’s second account @askteachersam contains helpful resources related to early childhood education and care - something she does out of pure passion during her free time.


These materials include cute infographics she has designed herself, along with chirpy videos discussing child care methods and how to properly deal with the behaviour of one’s kids. The posts are really detailed and she actually interacts with the parents who comment with questions. Clearly, Sam's a person with a heart of gold.

#4: She once won a year’s worth of free ramen from Keisuke 

Samantha Tan NOC Night Owl Cinematics KeisukePhoto from @samanthatyf

Having unlimited ramen is something many of us foodies dream of. For Samantha, this was a reality - for a year, that is.

Keisuke is where she and her boyfriend Julius had their first date back in 2016, and later on spent their first Valentine’s Day together, during which they participated in a V-Day contest and won themselves a whole year’s worth of free ramen. That ramen joint has since become their shared favourite - and they re-visited it again recently on the fifth anniversary of their first meet-up.

“Just putting this out here: If we do get married, we’d like to cater ramen Keisuke at our wedding. Please let this be possible,” part of her post caption reads.

#5: Her first date with her boyfriend Julius ended up with her pooping thrice

Samantha Tan NOC Night Owl CinematicsPhoto from @samanthatyf via Instagram


On a related note, that first date ended up in a rather...poopy situation. “I pooped thrice after our first ramen date,” Samantha confesses in a no holds barred Instagram caption.

Thankfully, her good man Julius was non-judgemental. “I was so embarrassed but he said ,'Haha it’s okay~' she shares.

The couple have been together for over 5 years now, so if there’s one thing to be learnt, it’s that a wee bit of poop shouldn’t ruin chances of a second date nor prevent a beautiful relationship from blossoming. After all, as humans, we all go through the same bodily functions and there’s really nothing to be ashamed of.

Things are a little different now, though: “I pooped again after ramen today and he said, ‘you’re full of shit’.” Well, what can we say? A couple who jokes together, stays together.

#6: The New Paper New Face 2013 pageant was her first brush with fame

Samantha Than New Paper New Face 2013Photo from @samanthatyf via Instagram

Little do many know, getting signed to NOC wasn’t Samantha’s first brush with fame. Back in 2013, when she was just 19 years of age, the leggy girl took part in the New Paper New Face beauty pageant and made it to the Top 20.

#7: She used to model for local fashion label, LilyPirates


Samantha Tan LilyPirates modelPhoto from @samanthatyf via Instagram

Samantha’s first modelling gig was with local fashion label LilyPirates in 2013 which was then still considered a blogshop of sorts. She has high praises for her ex-bosses, whom she says took care of her really well.

#8: No makeup, a baggy top, and sensible sneakers are what she’s most comfortable in

Samantha Tan NOC Night Owl CinematicsPhoto from @samanthatyf via Instagram

Samantha is your typical girl-next-door whom, despite all the fame gained, remains down to earth. In fact, she’s most comfortable dressed in an oversized sweatshirt and jeans, with sensible sneakers and her hair in a messy bun - sans makeup. This comes as a breath of fresh air, since the influencer industry does place a heavy emphasis on appearances.

Her fans love her anyway, for it is her personality that shines through the strongest whether she’s dolled up or not.

“I never had a flair for dressing up or wearing makeup but that doesn't make me any less of a woman,” she asserts.

#9: Competitive volleyball was something she used to do for Singapore’s national team


Samantha Tan Volleyball National TeamPhoto from @samanthatyf via Instagram

Despite her demure appearance, Samantha is one sporty chick. In 2016, she joined Singapore’s national volleyball team, picking sports over modelling as she traded her slim model physique for an athletic one. Unfortunately, the Volleyball Association of Singapore (VAS) decided not to send the Women’s team to the 2017 SEA Games, so Samantha never got the chance to experience that milestone. Nevertheless, she still holds fond memories of playing competitive sports with her former teammates.

#10: Song Joong Ki is her favourite celebrity

Samantha Tan NOC Night Owl CinematicsPhoto from @samanthatyf via Instagram

Samantha doesn’t hide the fact that she’s a MASSIVE fan of Korean actor, Song Joong Ji. In a photo of her leaning on a life-sized standee of the oppa is the caption, “We gotta meet soon, this is the last photo of us together. In the meantime, I’m going to work hard to practise interviewing and hosting people so when you come I can interview and host you.”

In a previous dedication post to her boyfriend, she also cheekily mentioned ”I must admit, I’m very attracted to [Julius] because of his personality and character. But also because I think he looks like Song Joong Ki. (To those who disagree, just keep quiet, don’t burst my bubble).” ?

#11: With a soothing singing voice, she does occasional covers and jams with her drum-playing partner


Not only can Samantha ideate for videos and act in them, she’s also got an amazing singing voice which has a lovely soothing quality. Occasionally, you’ll find her posting song covers on social media - we especially love the one where she’s singing Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops On My Guitar” while she strums in accompaniment.

Turns out, Julius is quite the musician too. He, too, plays the guitar, and also has a talent for  the drums. Check out the above video of them jamming to Jasmine Sokko's "Tired" together - too cute!

#12: “Puppy breath” is something she loves, and she owns a dog named Minnie

Samantha Tan NOC dogPhoto from @samanthatyf via Instagram

“Dog breath” doesn’t always come with a positive connotation as many people, some dog owners included, find it unpleasant. Samantha, however, says she loves “puppy breath” - which is apparently different from that of an adult dog’s.


Samantha Tan NOC dog MinniePhoto from @samanthatyf via Instagram

Samantha currently owns a pet dog named Minnie. She also used to have another dog named Mickey - we're loving the Disney references here - but he unfortunately passed on in 2019.

#13: She’s close friends with NOC's Nicole Liel and Isabelle Quek

Samantha Tan Nicole Liel Isabelle QuekPhoto from @samanthatyf via Instagram

Nicole Liel (@lielnicole) and Isabelle Quek (@bombiibii) were quick to defend Samantha and vouch for her character and work ethic after the leaked group chats with Sylvia calling her names started circulating. Evidently the three of them share a strong bond - all this despite Samantha being relatively new to the NOC team.

If you follow them on Instagram, you’ll see them hanging out as a trio getting up to silly shenanigans pretty often. They once even dressed up as the Powerpuff Girls and did a crazy lip synching video together. We’re not even surprised that Samantha was Bubbles, for her sweet and kind personality definitely matches the cartoon character’s!

#14: Setting up her own preschool is one of her biggest dreams

Samantha Tan NOC preschoolPhoto from @samanthatyf via Instagram

In 2015, Samantha wrote a Facebook post stating that her goal since she was 19 has been to set up her own preschool. 3 years later, she re-shared the post on her Instagram page with the caption, “It’s 2018. ?”.

While Samantha has yet to set up her own venture, she still possesses great passion for children and the early childhood industry. We’re hopeful that she’ll eventually realise this dream of hers in time to come, should she ever wish to try pursuing it in the future.

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