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This Home-based Business Sells Handcrafted Shampoo Bars And Natural Hair Care Products That Are Zero-waste

This Home-based Business Sells Handcrafted Shampoo Bars And Natural Hair Care Products That Are Zero-waste

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By Sophie Hong on 28 Sep 2021
Senior Editor

If you haven’t tried using shampoo bars before, here’s a local brand that might just convince you to make the switch. Patrichory is a home-based business run by 55-year-old Patricia Wong and it specialises in natural hair care products that are not only good for your hair but the environment too. 


“I wanted to bring something special to the market,” says founder Patricia. I decided to launch products which I would happily use myself since I have a sensitive scalp.” 

Read on for more on what Patrichory has to offer! 

#1 Shampoo bars 

Patrichory Handcrafted Natural Haircare_Shampoo bar 2Photo from Patrichory

Shampoo bars work just like soap bars - simply wet your hair, lather generously and rinse. Granted, it’s not as convenient as just pumping liquid shampoo onto your palms, but its naked packaging means that you’re generating less waste. 

Depending on your hair length, each 50g shampoo bar ($23) can last you 30 to 50 washes. It’s also recommended to keep the bar clean and dry between uses for longer life. 

There are also different bars for different hair types. We like the Daily Indulgence Shampoo Bar since it cleanses and conditions at the same time, and the Dark Relief Shampoo Bar contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial ingredients to help reduce the scalp’s sebum production, making it suitable for those with oily or irritated scalps. 


Of course, as a home-based formulator, Patricia admits that there were some challenges when it comes to resources, but she’s “really proud of the fact that we’ve been able to bring some o the best ingredients to my kitchen lab - old-school, evergreen herbs and oils, as well as some of the latest technologies provided by plant-based science.” 

FYI, the full ingredient list for each product is listed on the website! 

#2 Conditioner bars 

Patrichory Handcrafted Natural Haircare_conditioner barPhoto from Patrichory

As with the shampoo bars, these conditioner bars ($25 each) take some getting used to. But once you’ve got the hang of it, you’d end up reducing a good amount of plastic bottles used.

“I hope to see many more people using solid shampoos and conditioner bars because it’s just more environmentally friendly – you reduce plastics in your bathroom, and reduce harm to our waterways and planet,” says Patricia. 

#3 Solid Hair Mask 

Patrichory Handcrafted Natural Haircare_solid hair maskPhoto from Patrichory


Want to enjoy a hair spa in your own home? Pop a Buttercup Solid Hair Mask ($19.90 for 5pcs) in some hot water and heat it up in a microwave or a hot water bath till it’s completely melted, then apply on your hair when the creamy mixture is cool to the touch. Relax with it for twenty minutes, rinse off, and voilà - shiny, silky hair! 

The key ingredients in this mask include sal butter to promote growth and prevent breakage; coconut milk to maintain hair health, avocado oil to moisturise and repair damaged hair ends; sunflower and safflower seed oils to protect and stimulate hair growth, as well as horsetail extract for shine. Tip: add some mashed avocado, coconut milk, or yoghurt into the hair mask mixture for some added nourishment! 

#4 Dry shampoo 

Patrichory Handcrafted Natural Haircare_Dry ShampooPhoto from Patrichory

Did you know that some scalps start to itch if not washed daily, while others get irritated from overwashing? No matter which group you belong to, Patrichory’s dry shampoos are a great way to remove grease from your scalp and ensure that your hair stays fresh in between washes.

There’s the Ebony Fresh Herbal Hair Powder ($12.50) for dark hair and Ivory Fresh Herbal Hair Powder ($12.50) for light-coloured hair. Both are formulated with a botanical blend that strengthens hair roots, and come in an eco-friendly, biodegradable shaker bottle. 

Patrichory Natural Haircare
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