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New Insta-Worthy Otter-Themed Attractions In Singapore Are Perfect For Dates & Family Hangouts

New Insta-Worthy Otter-Themed Attractions In Singapore Are Perfect For Dates & Family Hangouts

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By Wei Yin on 14 Jun 2021
Digital Editor

In need of a new date or family bonding activity idea? We have just the one for you. The creators of Otah & Friends are back with two new otterly amazing experiences that are not just fun, but also Insta-worthy.

The second and third volume of these otter-themed attractions feature brand new games and decorations for more photo opportunities.

Read on to find out more!

Adding a touch of magic to everyday spaces, Otah & Friends transform a schoolhouse and supermarket into spaces for you to hang out in. There are two new characters joining this time round - meet Billy the hornbill and Luckee the boar – two wildlife species that are commonly spotted in Singapore.

Otah & Friends Volume 2: Blast Off

Otah & Friends Volume 2: Blast OffPhoto from Otah & Friends

Race against time to find seven secret tools to launch a rocket into space!

Otah & Friends Volume 2 Otah and BillyPhoto from Otah & Friends

The mission is set in a colourful schoolhouse where you can ride on a 'school bus', and rummage through a library and classroom to uncover hints in search of the rocket parts.

Otah & Friends volume 2 schoolhousePhoto from Otah & Friends

Upon inserting the pieces into the rocket, the launch control centre will be revealed so buckle up and count down with Otah as it blasts off into space!

Otah & Friends Volume 2 decorationsPhoto from Otah & Friends

Make sure you stop and take some pictures against these colourful lockers when you are there as they make great backdrops for OOTD photos!

We also heard there is a hidden basketball court, so remember to try and see if you can find it.

Volume 2 is located at Gardens by the Bay's Supertree Grove (beside Supertree Food Hall).

Otah & Friends Volume 3: Grocery Run

Otah & Friends Volume 3: Grocery RunPhoto from Otah & Friends


Shuffle down the aisles of Chongkee Supermarket and go on a shopping experience like no other by filling your trolley with the freshest produce for Otah's tea party.

Otah & Friends Volume 3 supermarketPhoto from Otah & Friends

Hunt for the ingredients needed among displays of seafood, cheese, fruits and bread. You will need to scan the items collected at the checkout counter to find out if you managed to pick the right ones.

Otah & Friends Volume 3 LuckeePhoto from Otah & Friends

Enjoy the fruits of your labour with a tea party right in Otah's garden together with him and his friends!

Otah & Friends Volume 3 decorationPhoto from Otah & Friends

Psst, Volume 3 also has a hidden room - a secret sushi bar!

Volume 3 is located within Suntec City's North Wing.

Ticket prices & where to get them

Otah & Friends hornbillPhoto from Otah & Friends

Each ticket provides you with a 55-minute experience for a more enjoyable gameplay and ample time for photo taking.

Both volumes are set to run till 3 January 2022 and tickets are available at $24 per person, while groups of five will enjoy a special rate of $19 per person by entering the code "OTAH25" at checkout.

Get your tickers for Volume 2 here and Volume 3 here.

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