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Invisible "Glow-In-The-Dark" UV Tattoos In Singapore: Prices, Safety & All You Need To Know

Invisible "Glow-In-The-Dark" UV Tattoos In Singapore: Prices, Safety & All You Need To Know

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By Karmen on 21 Jun 2021
Digital Editor

If you can get inked without facing criticism or repercussions at work, good for you! But not everyone is so lucky. Some may never get to have that tattoo they always wanted, lest they face the wrath of the professional world, or worse, their parents.


That's where glow-in-the-dark or UV tattoos come into play. These cool tattoos are invisible under normal light and glow under black light. That's like having a tattoo, but also not.

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UV tattoos are made with vivid, fluorescent colours that are difficult to see in normal lighting conditions, so they're practically invisible once they heal. But under black light, these tattoos emit an otherworldly glow like magic!

glow in the dark uv constellation tattoo on chest womanPhoto from Chloe @putsomething.there via Instagram

glow in the dark uv constellation tattoo on decollatage chest womanPhoto from Chloe @putsomething.there via Instagram

And yes, even though they're called glow-in-the-dark tattoos, they actually only glow under black lights. Unfortunately, they won't shine in the dark like those stars your parents pasted on the ceiling of your childhood bedroom.

That means you can only show it off properly somewhere like a nightclub, rave party or bar where black lights are a common feature. Or you could add UV black lights in your bedroom for you (and your partner) to admire your tattoo in private.


Besides creating secret "invisible" tattoos, the UV ink is also used to enhance traditional tattoos and give it a fun, whimsical touch.

This style of tattooing gained a bit of a bad rap in the 90s as UV ink that contains phosphorus can cause rashes, blistering and a burning sensation. But these days, UV tattoos are safe to get as tattoo artists use phosphorus-free ink to achieve that glowing effect.

glow in the dark uv constellation tattoo on collarbonePhoto from Chloe @putsomething.there via Instagram

How much do these gorgeous invisible tattoos cost in Singapore, you ask? Like with all types of tattoos, prices are quoted according to design, size, placement and colour. But in general, UV tattoos are more expensive than traditional tattoos as they're more time intensive.

For example, local tattoo artist Chloe (@putsomething.there), who specialises in these dreamy UV tattoos, has a minimum charge of $150 for a UV tattoo vs $100 for a regular black tattoo.

glow in the dark uv sunflower tattoo on stomachPhoto from Chloe @putsomething.there via Instagram

Out of respect for her conservative parents and being inspired by the works of and @jo_ul, Chloe started practicing UV tattoos on herself.

Before long, clients started approaching her to get inked with these "invisible" tattoos. And as expected, many of them are teachers, nurses and air stewardess - people who have jobs that frown upon tattoos or require for them to be covered up.

glow in the dark uv tattoo on armPhoto from Chloe @putsomething.there via Instagram

If you can relate and want an "invisible" tattoo for yourself, check out Chloe's Instagram @putsomething.there for inspiration. Her home-based tattoo studio is located near Farrer Park MRT station and the full address will be sent to clients after the appointment and deposit is made.

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