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foodpanda Has 24/7 Delivery For Restaurant Meals, Groceries, & More With Delivery Under 30 Mins

foodpanda Has 24/7 Delivery For Restaurant Meals, Groceries, & More With Delivery Under 30 Mins

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By Rachel Yohannan on 30 Apr 2021
Senior Digital Editor

The pandemic has changed the way we do many things - from partially working from home, to sanitising frequently, and the added reliance on delivery options instead of heading to physical outlets when shopping. Busy folk, as well as those who value convenience and comfort, will agree that doorstep delivery services are a huge blessing, no matter the sort of times we live in.


Look no further for that one platform that can settle all your home delivery needs within a single app: With foodpanda Singapore, you get to enjoy 24/7 delivery for restaurant meals, groceries, and lifestyle products under 30 minutes, as well as fuss-free queueless pick-ups at your favourite eateries!

Read on to find out more about foodpanda’s meal delivery services and more!

foodpanda restaurant delivery

foodpanda food delivery SingaporePhoto from @pepperlunchsg via Instagram

By now, most of you should be familiar with how foodpanda does food delivery across a wide range of cuisines. This covers restaurants, casual eateries, hawker stalls, and even drink kiosks - including your favourite bubble tea stores! For the uninitiated, you’ll be glad to know that this can be done any time of the day, even in the wee hours, and you’re guaranteed to receive your meals within just 30 minutes!

foodpanda food delivery SingaporePhoto from @lihosg via Instagram

This is a handy 24-hour option to have at your disposal when any sudden cravings hit, or when you don’t have the time or energy to whip up your own meals. It’s also great for house parties, saving you the hassle of having to prepare or physically purchase food for a large number of people.


foodpanda pick-up

foodpanda pickup SingaporePhoto from foodpanda

If you’re looking at takeaway meal options - be it for a party, picnic, or simply to dabao back to your office - try foodpanda’s pick-up feature. Through the app, you’ll be able to place your order remotely, and collect your food at the restaurant at the stipulated time. Best part? You get to skip the queues, which allows you to devote more of your precious time to things that matter to you.

pandamart and shops on foodpanda

pandamart SingaporePhoto from foodpanda

foodpanda isn’t just for ordering ready-to-eat meals. You can also stock up on a whole host of over 5,000 products including household essentials, groceries, cleaning supplies, pet food, and more via their pandamart store. You’ll also get to browse from a wide range of lifestyle retail stores including 7-Eleven, Marks & Spencer, and Miniso, among many others.

Whether you need to replenish your food pantry, get some beauty products, or even grab a last-minute birthday gift for a friend, pandamart and foodpanda shops have got you covered. Again, these are all up for 24/7 delivery, and will reach your doorstep within just half an hour.

foodpanda discount vouchers

foodpanda promo code discount 2021Photo from foodpanda

To sweeten the package, foodpanda often has fresh new discount vouchers so you can shave some bucks off your total bill! While there are new user discounts, loyal long-time customers can also enjoy restaurant, pick-up, and pandamart promotions, as well as bank card-exclusive deals. Check out their current promos here.

Find out more about foodpanda here and download the app for iOS and Android.

This post is brought to you by foodpanda.

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