Loewe Is Releasing A New Totoro Collection Including Bags, T-Shirts, Hoodies & Accessories

Loewe Is Releasing A New Totoro Collection Including Bags, T-Shirts, Hoodies & Accessories

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By Karmen on 05 Jan 2021
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What makes one designer hoodie or bag stand out from another? Perhaps a Totoro print emblazoned on it will do the trick. Luxury fashion house Loewe has just released a teaser of their upcoming Totoro collection that will pull on your heartstrings (and wallet).

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Due to launch on 8 January, the Loewe X My Neighbour Totoro collection was designed by Loewe's fashion director Jonathan Anderson to provide a sense of safety and solace.

The line-up includes bags, wallets, cardholders and a phone case adorned with beloved characters from the Studio Ghibli classic My Neighbour Totoro like Totoro, Chibi Totoro and the little soot sprites.

Loewe blue totoro backpackPhoto from Loewe

Loewe totoro bucket bagPhoto from Loewe

brown Loewe totoro handbagPhoto from Loewe

"The connection between Loewe and Studio Ghibli is this mutual love of craft and artisanal techniques, expressed in our respective languages. The connection between Loewe and 'My Neighbor Totoro,' on the other hand, is the mutual connection with nature, the world outdoors and a sense of perpetual invention," - Loewe.

Loewe totoro mini yellow sling bagPhoto from Loewe

Loewe totoro basket bagPhoto from Loewe

loewe totoro phone casePhoto from Loewe


The designs are transferred on to the bags using elaborate craft techniques such as marquetry where leather pieces are manually fitted into a mosaic.

Loewe leather marquetryPhoto from Loewe

Besides these leather goods, there's a range of shirts and hoodies with designs inspired by the beautiful animated landscapes in the film that evoke a sense of tranquility.

loewe totoro shirts with sky and tree printsPhoto from Loewe

The collection will also have luxe Totoro-themed homeware, colourful t-shirts and whimsical bag accessories.

loewe totoro keychains for bagsPhoto from Loewe

The Loewe x My Neighbour Totoro Capsule Collection will be available online and in-stores from 8 January 2021.

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