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New Samyang Creamy Carbo Fire Noodles Available In Singapore, Great For Those Who Love Cheese & Spice

New Samyang Creamy Carbo Fire Noodles Available In Singapore, Great For Those Who Love Cheese & Spice

By Wei Yin on 25 Nov 2020
Digital Editor

Everybody's favourite Korean spicy noodles brand, Samyang, recently released a new flavour!


After the hot chicken meat spaghetti flavour for Christmas last year and the light version for those who can't take spice, Samyang is back with the all-new Creamy Carbo Fire Noodles. Read on to find out more!

Samyang cream carbo fire noodlesPhoto from @samyangfoods_singapore via Instagram

First of all, look at that pastel pink packaging! It's probably one of the prettiest packagings out of all the different flavours Samyang has for its fire noodles. There's even the Samyang chicken mascot sitting on a pastel pink hot air balloon while slurping on noodles - how cute!

Aesthetics aside, the Creamy Carbo Fire Noodles will not disappoint taste wise either.

Cooked Samyang creamy carbo noodlesPhoto from @samyangfoods via Instagram

If you're wondering what's the difference between this and the other carbo noodles flavour (in a deeper pink packaging), the answer is: the Creamy Carbo version is creamier and less spicy.

The cheesy flavour is also more intense in this version. So if you love both cheesy and spicy food, you must try the Creamy Carbo Fire Noodles.


This version is also great for those who can't really handle spice as the spiciness is pretty bearable.

Here are some ways to add pizzazz to your Creamy Carbo Fire Noodles, according to Samyang:

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#1 Add an egg yolk

The egg yolk enhances the cheesy flavour and tones down the spiciness further.

#2 Add fresh cream

Not creamy enough? Mix fresh cream into the sauce to boost the flavour.

#3 Add cheese Cheese lovers will understand that there can never too much cheese! Add mozzarella cheese to achieve that satisfying cheese pull.

Ready to try the Creamy Carbo Fire Noodles? These are now available on Shopee Singapore here at $3.99 for a cup and $2.99 for one packet.

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