Starbucks’ Highly Coveted Studded Cold Cups Are Now Available For Bling Lovers In Singapore

Starbucks’ Highly Coveted Studded Cold Cups Are Now Available For Bling Lovers In Singapore

By Rachel on 05 Oct 2020
Senior Digital Editor

Just as one can’t have too many cups of coffee, many of us also can’t get enough of Starbucks Singapore’s merchandise. From a pink and black designer Rebecca Minkoff collection to pastel mermaid designs and the annual sakura specials, they just keep tempting us over and over again!

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Read on to find out how to get Starbucks Singapore’s Studded Cold Cups!

Starbucks studded cold cups Singapore oil slick sakura pinkPhoto from Starbucks Singapore

The new Studded Cold Cups by Starbucks Singapore come in two glamorous colours - a sweet Sakura Pink a darker Oil Slick one with rainbow hues. Both are covered in shimmery bits of bling with an iridescent finish, even on their caps.

Starbucks’ Cold Cups are specially designed to hold cold beverages, frozen slushies, and even ice cream so they’ll stay cool even in the heat. You are not advised to put hot drinks in them.

Starbucks studded cold cups Singapore sakura pinkPhoto from Aaron’s Starbucks Station

Each of these Studded Cold Cups cost $39.90 with a 24oz capacity (almost 710ml), enough to hold your Venti drinks.


The only kicker? They're only available to to Starbucks Rewards members, but fret not as all you need to join is to get a Starbucks gift card, load it with at least $10, and register it online.

Starbucks Singapore’s social media posts announcing this new release is filled with comments from excited fans - including those overseas searching for someone in Singapore to help them purchase these items. It looks like these Studded Cold Cups are super highly-coveted, so make sure you get yours quick to avoid missing out!

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