Starbucks Singapore's New Pastel Merchandise Will Let You Live Your Mermaid Dreams

Starbucks Singapore's New Pastel Merchandise Will Let You Live Your Mermaid Dreams

By Wei Yin on 09 Sep 2020
Digital Editor

Starbucks Singapore is back with another merchandise collection you wouldn't be able to resist getting! The Starbucks Anniversary Collection features mugs and tumblers in pretty pastel colours, and the designs will transport you to a mystical world so you can live your mermaid dreams. 🧜‍♀️

Check them out below!


Starbucks Siren merchandisePhoto from Starbucks

From left to right: 16oz: $36.90, 16oz: $45.90, 16oz: $45.90


Starbucks Shells merchandisePhoto from Starbucks

This gorgeous turquoise Cold Cup with seashell motifs is elegant-looking and will look great on your office desk.

20oz: $39.90


Starbucks Waves merchandisePhoto from Starbucks

Mermaids are making a splash in the clear blue sea!

From left to right: 16oz: $26.90, 24oz: $28.90


Starbucks Contrast merchandise Photo from Starbucks

Pinks and blues perfect for Singapore's forever sunny weather.

From left to right: 20oz: $49.90, 20oz: $29.90, 12oz: $39.90


Starbucks seashells merchandisePhoto from Starbucks

These oh so spe-shell mugs will remind you of those sunny days spent on the beach.

From left to right: 12oz: $29.90, 14oz: $27.90


Starbucks pearl merchandisePhoto from Starbucks

This ethereal teacup shaped like a pearl shell is the perfect addition to your afternoon tea sessions.


3oz: $27.90

Siren Bearista

Starbucks Siren Bearista Photo from Starbucks

Bearista dresses up as a mermaid - how cute!

Each bear costs $34.90.


Starbucks Dive merchandise Photo from Starbucks

Dive into a sea of your favourite brew!

10oz: $29.90

Starbucks Card

Starbucks mermaid cardPhoto from Starbucks

For those who love collecting Starbucks Cards.

Yours when you load a minimum of $10.

Coffee Journeys

Starbucks coffee mugsPhoto from Starbucks

Sip your morning cuppa using these mugs.

12oz: $24.90

Starbucks Anniversary CollectionPhoto from Starbucks

The Starbucks Anniversary Collection is now available in stores and on the Starbucks Flagship Store on LazMall. For availability of merchandise in stores, refer to the full store listings on the Starbucks Singapore website.

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