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Daiso Korea Releases New Phone & Desktop Wallpapers With Warm Autumn Vibes For September

Daiso Korea Releases New Phone & Desktop Wallpapers With Warm Autumn Vibes For September

By Wei Yin on 28 Aug 2020
Digital Editor

Daiso Korea is constantly surprising us with new collections that are either very aesthetically pleasing or too adorable to resist.


But did you know that the brand also designs and releases phone and desktop wallpapers for people to download for free?

Just like what we would expect from Daiso Korea, the wallpapers are equally pretty as their merchandise and are sometimes in line with a certain theme or the season.

With September fast approaching, Daiso Korea has just released a new set of wallpapers with warm autumn vibes you can download.

Check them out below!

For phone 

Squirrel autumn wallpaperPhoto from Daiso Life

Squirrels, bears, logs and acorns remind us of autumn and these wallpapers will have to suffice for now as we won't be able to travel to experience the fall season this year. Choose from the calendar or the plain checkered designs.


Trees with autumn vibes wallpapersPhoto from Daiso Life

Download these wallpapers in a sleek beige colour with autumn foliage if you prefer something simpler. These are going to put you in a calm mood!

Checkered wallpapersPhoto from Daiso Life

These checkered wallpapers may look boring but the colours certainly remind us of autumn and are honestly very elegant-looking.

For desktop 

Beige autumn wallpaperPhoto from Daiso Life

Look at those cute foxes relaxing between trees! We love that the desktop versions come with a calendar design as well.

Minimalist wallpaperPhoto from Daiso Life

Here's another minimalist wallpaper design in desktop format.

Autumn foliage wallpaperPhoto from Daiso Life

The checkered pattern is incorporated into the trees and acorns in this design!

Have you decided on which is your favourite? Time for a wallpaper change so download these for free here.

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