9 Cute And Affordable Night Lights In Singapore To Help You Sleep Soundly

9 Cute And Affordable Night Lights In Singapore To Help You Sleep Soundly

ByWei Yin on 07 Aug 2020 Digital Editor

Those who are afraid of the dark and need some light to fall asleep or are simply looking for something to decorate their rooms with should consider getting a night light.

Here are nine cute and affordable night lights you can purchase on Shopee Singapore to help you sleep soundly at night.

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White bear night light
Photo from Shopee

This adorable white bear night light ($14.59 - $16.47) looks squishy and that's because it actually is! Made of silicone material, the bear's body or face can be squeezed but still return to its original state.

LINE FRIENDS night light
Photo from Shopee

Fans of LINE FRIENDS will love these! The night lights ($18.99 - $19.99) may look similar but take a closer look and you will see that the faces are that of Brown and Cony.

Snoopy night light
Photo from Shopee

These Snoopy night lights ($25) come in eight different designs and equipped with three light options. You can even opt for customisation by chatting with the seller and sending over your preferred design!

Sun, moon, stars night lights
Photo from Shopee

Transform your room into a galaxy by getting these night lights ($2.79 - $2.99) in the shapes of stars, clouds, the sun, moon and more! The cute faces printed on the lights make these suitable for kids as well.


Moon night light
Photo from Shopee

If you prefer a more realistic-looking celestial body night light, get this moon night light ($9.90 - $32.90) instead. The pattern and ridges on the light make it look like an actual moon! Choose from the two, three or 16 light colour options and five different sizes.

Miffy night light
Photo from Shopee

Let this cute little rabbit night light ($38) brighten your room and your day whenever you look at it. It uses warm lighting with a dimming function so you can adjust the brightness to your preference.

Whale night light
Photo from Shopee

This mini whale night light ($10.50) comes equipped with six different light colours which you can change up according to your mood. It's also made of a silicone material that is durable and squishy at the same time!

#8 Sanrio Characters night light

Sanrio night lights
Photo from Shopee

Hello Kitty, My Melody and Cinnammoroll will be more than happy to accompany you in your room! These Sanrio Characters night lights ($13.90) come in a design shaped like a TV and will look good even as just a decoration.

Dumpling night light
Photo from Smoko

You have probably seen this dumpling night light ($29.90) by Smoko that is shaped like xiao long bao (soup dumpling) as it was all the rage when it was first released. Get this if you love xiao long bao but take note that it doesn't come with the bamboo basket!

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