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Here's How To Get Mochi Skin, The Latest J-Beauty Trend For Supple, Bouncy & Semi-Matte Skin

Here's How To Get Mochi Skin, The Latest J-Beauty Trend For Supple, Bouncy & Semi-Matte Skin

By Wei Yin on 20 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

Glass skin made popular by the Koreans was all the rage but to be honest, it doesn't always work for us Singaporean girls especially with our sunny little island's humid weather.


Enter mochi skin, a J-beauty trend defined as "supple, plump and bouncy skin" that has been gaining traction around the world.

Read on to find out more!

Mochi Skin vs glass skin Photo from Pinterest

Glass skin is all about a dewy, translucent finish while mochi skin is about achieving a hydrated and bouncy skin texture that is semi-matte at the same time.

Pink mochiPhoto from Pinterest

Mochi skin is inspired by the traditional Japanese dessert that is soft and smooth. The key to achieving mochi skin is by making sure your skin is adequately hydrated so that it looks supple and bouncy. The Japanese also believe in 'less is more', so the steps to achieving mochi skin is kept minimal.

If you have very dry skin, the Korean 10-step skincare routine might work for you but if not, you could try the mochi skin skincare routine instead to see if it will benefit you.


Here's how:

#1 Double cleansing in the evening 

Japanese Mochi Skin Photo from Pinterest

Double cleansing has been dubbed the holy grail step in any skincare routine by many ladies, so if you haven't been doing it, it's time to start!

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Shake Photo from Watsons

Instead of using a water based makeup remover that might dry out your skin, use the Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Shake Cleansing ($27) makeup remover that is a unique mix of oil and lotion.

The oil layer is designed to instantly remove stubborn makeup while the lotion layer gently removes water-soluble impurities to leave your skin feeling moisturised, as if you just applied lotion! Simply shake the bottle till the oil and lotion layers are thoroughly mixed together and soak a cotton pad with the product to remove all traces of makeup.

AHC CleanserPhoto from AHC


Next, use a hydrating facial wash like the AHC Aqualuronic Cleanser ($30). While most foam cleansers dry out the skin and leave it feeling tight, this cleanser provides a deep yet mild formula to remove impurities but also keep the skin moisturised. It uses an advanced blend of hyaluronic acid with low, medium and high molecular weights - each penetrating the skin at different levels for long-lasting hydration.

Squeeze a small amount of the cleanser onto your palm and mix with a bit of water to create a foamy lather before massaging onto your skin.

#2 Use a toner or essence to replenish moisture

Hirose SuzuPhoto from Pinterest

Just like any other skincare routine, the mochi skin skincare routine calls for toner or essence as the next step after cleansing to replenish moisture lost during the cleansing stage.

Primera miracle seed essencePhoto from Primera

The Primera Miracle Seed Essence ($42.74) is packed with amino acid-rich lotus seeds that help to smooth texture, increase hydration and protect your skin from environmental stressors. It also helps to prep the skin for better absorption of serums and creams!

The essence is suitable for normal, dry, combination and oily skin types. Saturate a cotton pad with a generous amount of the product, then press it against your skin for 10 to 20 seconds and pat gently for better absorption.


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#3 Apply lotion/serum with the right ingredients

Japanese girl magazine pictorial with Mochi Skin Photo from Pinterest

Hyaluronic acid and amino acid are some ingredients you want to look for in your lotion or serum as these help you achieve supple and bouncy mochi skin.

MINON lotionPhoto from MINON

The MINON Amino Moist Moist Charge Lotion I ($25.90) contains nine types of hydrating amino acids that penetrate into the skin to replenish moisture. It supports your skin barrier from external irritation and helps to achieve visibly smooth and resilient skin.

This moisturising lotion sinks into the skin quickly with no sticky feel so it's great even for those with combination to oily skin.

#4 Moisturise in the day and night


Girl with Mochi Skin smilingPhoto from Pinterest

Lock in all the products you used in the previous steps with a moisturiser so that you skin can fully reap the benefits.

Senka gel creamPhoto from Watsons

Choose a lightweight moisturiser like the Senka Deep Moist Gel Cream ($21.90) that is also able to provide 24 hours of long-lasting hydration! It absorbs in seconds with its watery gel texture and because it's formulated with naturally-derived Chestnut Rose Extract, it helps to improve the skin's ability to hold moisture better and longer.

This moisturiser is suitable for both day and night use and also acts as a good base for your makeup.

#5 Protect your skin with sunscreen 

Japanese girl magazine pictorial Photo from Pinterest

Lastly, end your skincare routine by applying sunscreen after moisturiser in the daytime.

Anessa skincare milkPhoto from Anessa

The Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk ($14.90) uses a Triple Defence UV Technology to enhance UV protection veil with heat, sweat or water! It also has yellow flower extract and green tea leaf extract that are both moisturising ingredients to protect the skin from dryness.

Apply a generous amount onto your skin 30 minutes before sun exposure.

Follow these steps diligently and you will be able to achieve mochi skin! ?

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