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Superga X Drea Chong: Go Back To Basics With These Everyday Footwear In Pretty Pastel Colours

Superga X Drea Chong: Go Back To Basics With These Everyday Footwear In Pretty Pastel Colours

By Wei Yin on 13 Jul 2020
Digital Editor
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Italian footwear brand Superga has collaborated with local influencer Andrea Chong (@dreachong) on their third partnership exploring Essentials - a collection of fundamentals to one's wardrobe.


The collection encourages going back to basics to make one's wardrobe more versatile. The best part? The two new styles come in feminine and dainty pastel colours that every girl will love!

Read on to find out more!

The new range uses Superga's classic canvas material to deliver durability and longevity while introducing second-skin silhouettes to ensure seamless and functional footwear that don't just look good.


Drea Chong wearing lavender mist slingbackPhoto from Superga

Fresh laundry slingbackPhoto from Superga

Weekend bakes slingbackPhoto from Superga


Garden party slingbackPhoto from Superga

The Slingback only has three eyelets compared to five as seen on other Superga sneakers. This contemporary design reworks the Superga 2402 Mule, resulting in a flattering feminine silhouette. The soles are minimised in height for a graceful outlook and the back strap comes with an adjustable tonal buckle allowing for flexibility in terms of fit.

We love how you won't have to worry about laces, making them especially great for those who are always rushing for time! You can just slip your feet in these and you are good to go.


Garden party ballerinaPhoto from Superga

Lavender mist ballerinaPhoto from Superga

Weekend bakes ballerinaPhoto from Superga

Fresh laundry ballerinaPhoto from Superga


Arriving in the iconic Espadrille soles, the details on the Ballerina are kept to a minimum with the construction keeping to the same low profile as the Slingbacks. It also comes with only three sets of eyelets per sneaker, effectively enhancing the duality of soft and strong femininity.

Something interesting to note is that each of these colourways are inspired by Drea's day-to-day go-tos:

  • Fresh Laundry | The cleanest cream evoking a sense of calm upon the smell of fresh laundry in Drea's house.
  • Weekend Bakes | A nude shade reflecting Drea's love for being in the kitchen.
  • Garden Party | A light green mirroring the greens found in Drea's very own herb garden.
  • Lavender Mist | A refreshing lilac hue and the exact scent of Drea's room.

Superga x Drea ChongPhoto from @dreachong via Instagram

With the word 'essentials' taking on a new meaning in today's COVID-19 context, Superga will be donating 5% of sales from this collection to Free Food for All, a community-led charity that provides free food to the less fortunate!

The collection retails for $139.90 and will launch on 17 July 2020 at 10am, exclusively online at

The shoes all go well with skirts and dresses ranging from short to long, so go ahead and explore with mixing and matching with different outfits to achieve your best look!

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