These Pikachu Engagement Rings Come In A Pokeball, Wedding Bands Available Too

These Pikachu Engagement Rings Come In A Pokeball, Wedding Bands Available Too

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By Rachel on 08 Jul 2020
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It's not every day you get to propose - if you do it right, you'll only have to do it once. And since this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you'll want the proposal ring to be extra special too.

If your girlfriend is a Pokemon fan, take "I choose you" to a new level with Pokemon Center's Pikachu engagement rings which come in a Pokeball box, along with wedding bands to match.

Read on to find out more about Pokemon Center’s Pikachu engagement rings and wedding bands!

Pokemon Pikachu ear engagement ringsPhoto from Pokemon Center

It’ll be hard for anyone to turn down a proposal involving these adorable Pikachu engagement rings. While the diamond nestled in the middle of Pikachu’s face is a modest 0.3 carats, the ears that stick out help give the illusion of a larger rock.

Made-to-order, this costs JPY346,500 (~S$4490.97) regardless of whether you pick the 18-karat gold or Pt950 solid platinum one. You'll be able to personalise it with your initials or a short quote of your choosing.

Pokemon Pikachu tail engagement ringsPhoto from Pokemon Center

For something less “cartoony” that still sticks close to the theme, go for the Pikachu tail engagement rings at the same price, with the same diamond size.

Or, you could, y’know...get her both designs? 😃

Pokemon Pokeball engagement ring boxPhoto from Pokemon Center


To sweeten the deal, the Pikachu engagement rings come with their own special Pokeball ring box, with a diamante-studded clasp. C’mon, tell me this isn’t a surefire way of getting a big fat “HECK YEAH”.

Pokemon Pikachu wedding bandsPhoto from Pokemon Center

Once she’s said yes to forever, seal the deal with matching “his and hers” Pikachu rings made of 18-karat gold, at JPY115,500 (~S$1496.99)  and JPY121,000  (~S$1568.28) respectively. Both come with an engraving of Pikachu’s face on the front, with the ladies’ version adorned with a mini diamond - which explains the price difference.

Pokemon Pikachu engagement rings wedding bandsPhoto from Pokemon Center

This, too, can be customised on the inside with engravings of your choice.

Pokemon Pikachu wedding photo framePhoto from Pokemon Center

You can also purchase a special Pikachu wedding photo frame (JPY13,200, ~S$171.08), which includes free engraving of your names and wedding date. This will be a great decor piece for your wedding reception table, which will later on serve as a lovely memento to display in your home.

Check out the full collection here on Pokemon Center’s online store.

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