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7 Easy & Fast Makeup Touch-Up Tips To Stay Flawless All Day

7 Easy & Fast Makeup Touch-Up Tips To Stay Flawless All Day

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By Karmen on 26 Dec 2022
Digital Editor

You step out of the house will a flawless face of makeup, but halfway through the day, you catch your reflection in the mirror and see patches of pimples, faded lipstick and smudged eye makeup!


If this sounds like a familiar situation, you're not alone. In this hot and humid Singapore weather, it's inevitable that makeup touch-ups are needed even with the most expert makeup skills and long-wearing products. The problem is, makeup touch-up can be such a chore and the results often doesn't look quite right.

Keep reading to check out our seven easy and fast tips to touch-up your makeup like a pro! 

#1 Blot Before Reapplying Makeup

Using CLEAN & CLEAR Oil control blotting sheets on foreheadPhoto from CLEAN & CLEAR

One common mistake that ladies make is applying powder right onto oily skin. This is a big no-no as this could lead to a blotchy and uneven look. Your makeup applicator also accumulates oil and bacteria in the process.

A better way to get rid of the shine is to lightly dab away excess oil with tissue paper or oil-blotting sheets first. Avoid rubbing your skin as this could make your foundation and concealer slide right off. Then, lightly dust or pat on a thin layer of translucent powder on oily areas of your face. Remember, less is always more when it comes to reapplying makeup!

#2 Apply A Tiny Amount Of Moisturiser


One problem that comes up when reapplying concealer is cakiness, flaking and fine lines. To avoid this, dab a tiny amount of moisturiser over areas of your face that look dry or uneven. Wait for it to absorb into your skin before applying concealer sparingly on imperfections, building up only if needed.

#3 Spritz On Some Facial Mist

Jowae Hydrating Water MistPhoto from Jowae

While you can get away with moisturiser on small areas of the face, applying moisturiser over your entire face of makeup isn't the best idea. What those with dry skin can do is lightly spritz a facial mist to hydrate and revive their skin throughout the day. Facial mists won't interfere with makeup but will keep it looking fresh and prevent a cakey look.

#4 Use Cream Formulas

Whether it's concealer, blusher, highlighter or bronzer, cream products are the way to go!

Cream formulas are a lot more forgiving than powders and liquids when layered on makeup midday. Besides creating a more natural finish, they're also easy to apply with your fingers so you don't need to bring any brushes or sponges.

#6 Use All-In-One Makeup Products


MAYBDONA I’m Falling All-In-One Multi Kit for eyes cheeks and lipsPhoto from MAYBDONA

Blusher, eyeshadow and creamy lipstick tend to fade through the day. An easy and fast way to add colour back to your complexion is to use an all-in-one cream product that you can simply dab on and go.

#6 Remove Lipstick Before Reapplying

While sheer and glossy lipsticks can be reapplied easily, liquid lipsticks and bold colours are trickier. Instead of applying more lipstick to the post-meal remnants on your lips, it's better to start from scratch with a makeup remover to avoid a dry and flakey look.

If that sounds like too much of a hassle, you can use tissue paper to remove the lipstick from the inner portion of your lips before reapplying a thin layer to that area and blending it towards the outline of your lips.

#7 Use concealer brushes and makeup remover

Fenty Beauty Precision Concealer Brush 180Photo from Fenty Beauty

A cotton bud dipped in makeup remover is an effective way of cleaning up eyeliner and mascara smudges but it also tends to take away foundation, concealer and eyeshadow. A less disruptive method to fix eye makeup is to use concealer brushes instead!

Dampen a concealer brush with makeup remover and lightly brush over any makeup smudges. Then, use another clean concealer brush to gently lift the makeup that's loosened by the makeup remover. This will take more effort but saves time on reapplying makeup around your eyes. Pick a brush that will help you get into hard-to-reach areas.

While touch-ups will make sure that your makeup stays flawless, half of the battle is during the initial makeup application process! Check out our tips on how to make sure your makeup lasts all day