Local Bouquet Shop Sells Money Bouquets Perfect For Those Who Prefer Cash Over Flowers

Local Bouquet Shop Sells Money Bouquets Perfect For Those Who Prefer Cash Over Flowers

By Amelia on 10 Jun 2020
Creative Editor

On any occasion, there's really nothing like receiving flowers but if your partner is the kind to say "Why did you buy me flowers again? It is a waste of money, it is going to die after a few days" then this money bouquet from J's Money Bouquet shop will be perfect for your practical partner who prefers cash over flowers.

These money bouquets will do the trick to win your bae's heart.

Read on to view the money bouquets!

J's Money Bouquet gift shop specialises in cash bouquets. It's basically 'cash flowers' that are filled with Singapore dollar notes folded into beautiful swirls, the perfect bouquet that we have seen so far. Their money bouquets will certainly keep your partner spellbound.


We can literally smell the fresh crisp notes of money with this bouquet. The dominations featured in every bouquet differs depending on which price range of bouquet you are purchasing. If you are just a humble and modest guy, fret not, you don't have to get an expensive bouquet. There are $2 bouquets for you to choose from. The bouquet is finished with layers of chiffon paper and a huge ribbon.

But for all the guys out there, you don't have to max out your credit card just to purchase the perfect bouquet for your partner. All she wants is just your unconditional love and quality time spent with you.

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