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Top 10 Best 100 Yen Snacks & Desserts In Japan's Convenience Stores

Top 10 Best 100 Yen Snacks & Desserts In Japan's Convenience Stores

By Karmen on 05 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

Japan's convenience stores go beyond providing convenience, they're also where you can find delicious and cheap food.


Lawson Store 100 is a convenience store chain that sells many snacks and desserts for just 100 yen (~S$1.30)!

Keep reading to check out our top 10 picks from Lawson Store 100!

#1 Pork cutlet sandwich

Pork cutlet sandwichPhoto from Lawson Store 100

Three pork cutlets and crispy cabbage are seasoned with a simple sauce and sandwiched in soft white bread.

#2 Cheese bread

Japanese convenience store Cheese breadPhoto from Lawson Store 100


Cheese enthusiasts have to try this!

#3 Curry bread

Japanese convenience store curry breadPhoto from Lawson Store 100

Crispy on the outside with rich curry and stewed beef tendon on the inside!

#4 Purin

Japanese convenience store TurinPhoto from Lawson Store 100

Purin is one of the must-try desserts when you're in Japan! It's a custard pudding with caramel sauce and served with light whipped cream.

#5 Cheese soufflé pudding  


Cheese souffle pudding Photo from Lawson Store 100

How about enjoying both a fluffy cheese soufflé and pudding at the same time?

#6 Strawberry and cream rolls

Strawberry and cream rolls and daifukuPhoto from Lawson Store 100

Red and white are auspicious colours in Japan, so bring some good luck to your palate with these cute strawberry and cream rolls!

#7 Harajuku-style New Year's Eve food

Harajuku-style Japanese New Year's Eve foodPhoto from Lawson Store 100

There are certain meals that Japanese people have on New Year's Eve and this one is a kawaii Harajuku-style version of it!


#8 Mont Blanc cake

Japanese convenience store Mont Blanc cakePhoto from Lawson Store 100

There are often seasonal snacks like this autumn-themed Mont Blanc cake!

#9 Sakura mochi

Japanese convenience store Sakura mochiPhoto from Lawson Store 100

This is another seasonal snack that can be easily found in spring. The cute sakura mochi is a traditional Japanese sweet made of domyoji-ko, arice cake powder.

#10 Bubble tea

Lawson Store 100 yen cheese bubble teaPhoto from Lawson Store 100

Lawson Store 100 yen milk bubble teaPhoto from Lawson Store 100

Don't be put off by the price tag! It's made of authentic Assam tea leaves and Lawson claims that their chewy tapioca pearls will stay fresh without hardening. They have two choices, milk tea and cheese tea!

Lawson store 100 in JapanPhoto from Pinterest

Their stores are easy to identify from their bright green banners in most cities in Japan including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Most items are marked as 100 yen but prices are actually about 105-110 yen after including taxes.

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