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Li Ronghao Moves Rainie Yang To Tears With Thoughtful Gifts On Her Birthday At Exactly 12 Midnight

Li Ronghao Moves Rainie Yang To Tears With Thoughtful Gifts On Her Birthday At Exactly 12 Midnight

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By Wei Yin on 04 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) and Li Ronghao (李荣浩) first went public with their relationship in 2015 and got married last year. The sweet couple were never ones to shy away from showing affection and they have once again proved to us they are definitely #RelationshipGoals!


On Rainie's birthday today (4 June), she revealed that her husband surprised her with thoughtful gifts at exactly 12 midnight and moved her to tears.

Read on to find out more! 

Rainie Yang's Instagram story of her birthday giftsPhoto from @rainie77 via Instagram

Rainie posted a few Instagram stories relating how surprised she was when her friend, who goes by the name "Jin Lao Shi", came knocking on her door at 12 midnight.

Turns out it's the first time Li Ronghao was not able to be physically with her on her birthday in the five years they have known each other! He had Jin Lao Shi send Rainie the gifts he prepared when the clock struck 12.

She wrote, "The surprises I received are a card and Nintendo Switch joy-cons in every colour."

Rainie Yang's Instagram story of her Nintendo SwitchPhoto from @rainie77 via Instagram


Fans of Rainie would know that she is obsessed with the popular Nintendo Switch game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She revealed that Li Ronghao found out about her worn out joy-cons through her friends and decided to buy her some. He also made sure Jin Lao Shi prepared a cake for Rainie. So thoughtful!

Rainie then went on to say, "I cried like a baby (my nose was still red when I took the photo). So touched. Thank you for letting me feel your presence despite not being able to be physically here with me."

Rainie Yang and Li RonghaoPhoto from @rainie77 via Instagram

Rainie also posted a photo of herself and Li Ronghao on Instagram with the caption, "Thank you for planning a surprise with Jin Lao Shi for me. On my birthday, I'm happy."

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In true Li Ronghao fashion, he posted a short and sweet message on both his Instagram and Weibo accounts with the caption, "Happy birthday, wife" and tagged Rainie.

Li Ronghao's birthday message to Rainie Yang over the yearsPhoto from @猴猴最猴猴 via Weibo

A netizen also compiled Li Ronghao's birthday messages to Rainie over the course of five years and it's so cute to see how he went from simply saying "happy birthday", to addressing her as "my girl" and finally this year, as his "wife".

We wish the lovebirds happiness! ❤️

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