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Cute, Dainty & Simple Floral Designs Perfect For Summer To Try Doing At Home Yourself

Cute, Dainty & Simple Floral Designs Perfect For Summer To Try Doing At Home Yourself

By Wei Yin on 29 May 2020
Digital Editor

It's summer all year round in Singapore so nail designs that remind us of the bright and cheery season are perfect for our weather.


Even though no one has any idea when beauty salons will be allowed to open again after circuit breaker, it still wouldn't hurt to marvel at pretty nail designs, bookmark them for future use and make yourself look forward to returning to normalcy. Or if you are really bored at home, try your hand at any of these nail art designs and you might just find out you've had a hidden talent all along.

Check them out below!


Colourful floral nail artPhoto from Pinterest

This one is relatively easy to replicate. Start by painting your nails using your preferred nail polish colours, then use a dotting tool to dot polka dots on your thumb and for the flower pattern.


Minimalist floral daisy nail designPhoto from Pinterest


This minimalist daisy nail design looks easy but requires a bit more patience for the petal design. You will need to use a brush to slowly draw on the petal strokes but the good thing is you can just draw it on one or two fingers and leave the remaining nails bare by just applying a clear polish. But if you are too lazy, just bookmark this and leave it to the professionals!


Pastel yellow floral nail designPhoto from Pinterest

We recommend getting nail stickers for this one as the daisies are smaller and will probably take a skilful nail technician to successfully replicate. But if you are up for the challenge, go ahead and draw them yourselves! Paint the rest of your nails a pastel yellow colour and use a clear nail polish as the base for the fingers with the daisy design.


Black and white floral nail designPhoto from Pinterest

A minimalist floral nail design for the ladies who love simplicity! Using only two colours - black and white, paint your nails white and use a clear polish for the rest. Then, go in with a dotting tool using white for the flower pattern and black for the middle of the flower.


Clear nail polish with floral designPhoto from Pinterest

The good thing about this nail design is that it would work even if it looks messy. The aim to crowd your nails with many daisies and you can use a brush to lightly draw on the petal strokes. Use a clear polish for the base.


Dried flowers nail artPhoto from Pinterest

If you have nail art tools at home such as dried flowers and gold flakes, you will be able to easily achieve this nail design. All you have to do is apply a base nail colour and attach the dried flowers and gold flakes onto your nails before it dries up. Then, secure everything with a top coat.

Which of these nail art designs will you be trying? Remember to save the picture of your favourite design so you can show it to your manicurist!

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