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8 Affordable & Useful Baking Tools All Aspiring Bakers Can Get Online

8 Affordable & Useful Baking Tools All Aspiring Bakers Can Get Online

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By Wei Yin on 18 May 2020
Digital Editor

Circuit breaker has turned almost everyone into aspiring cooks and bakers. Some of them even found out that they had a hidden talent all along either in cooking, baking or both!


Regardless of whether you are good or bad at it, we applaud you for your efforts and think that you should continue doing what you like even after circuit breaker.

So, here is a list of affordable and useful baking equipment all aspiring bakers should get. The best part? There is no need to leave your house as these are all available on Shopee Singapore!

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Read on to find out more!

#1 Dough pastry board

Rolling dough on pastry boardPhoto from Shopee

How to use a dough pastry boardPhoto from Shopee


You can always roll your dough on a kitchen table or chopping board but none of those will make it easier for you compared to using a dough pastry board ($1.92 - $4.67)! Made of silicone, these laminated mats are easy to clean, can be folded, has accurate measurements and its material is resistant to high temperature. Choose from three different sizes.

#2 Stainless steel piping nozzles

Stainless steel piping nozzlesPhoto from Shopee

Using stainless piping nozzles on cakePhoto from Shopee

Always admired those gorgeous icing swirls on top of cakes or cookies? You can achieve them too with these stainless steel piping nozzles ($1.59 - $4.66)! Choose from the 8, 14, 26 or 50 pieces sets to suit your baking needs. Each set comes with the nozzles, switching adapter and one reusable piping bag.

#3 Silicone spatula and brush

Pink silicone spatula and brushPhoto from Shopee

Silicone spatulas and brushes ($2.08) are must-haves for any baker! Use the brush to butter your pans and the spatula to scoop your batter. The material makes sure you don't waste any product and is easy to wash too. Plus, they are in a pretty pastel pink colour, sure to brighten any baker's day!


#4 Measuring cups and spoons

Rose gold measuring cups and spoonsPhoto from Shopee

Using the measuring cups and spoonsPhoto from Shopee

When the recipe calls for cups or spoons in measurements, it doesn't mean you can just use your drinking cup or the spoon you eat your meals with! Precision is vital when it comes to baking, especially for beginners, so get proper baking measuring cups and spoons ($17.43). These stainless steel ones are in a gorgeous rose gold colour and the measurements are engraved onto the cups and spoons.

#5 Rolling pin

Wooden rolling pinPhoto from Shopee

Make the baking process a lot smoother and efficient by getting a wooden rolling pin ($2.32 - $3) which you can use to roll or flatten dough.

#6 Whisk


Blue and pink whisksPhoto from Shopee

A whisk ($2.84 - $7.82) is also one of the must-gets when it comes to baking. It's a great tool for mixing ingredients together so that there are no lumps in your batter. Choose from the usual silver colour, or amp up the luxurious factor of your baking tools with the pink, mint green or gold versions.

#7 Sieve

Stainless steel sievePhoto from Shopee

Bakers will always pay special attention by making sure to sift the loose ingredients such as flour, powders and sugar so that no lumps will form in the batter. Make sure to do the same by using a stainless steel sieve ($4.18 - $5.27) so that your end product turns out perfect. Choose from three different sizes.

#8 Egg yolk separator 

Egg yolk separator Photo from Shopee

This is one of the best tools for baking novices and even experts as it's easy to use and helps to save time. Simply crack an egg into the egg yolk separator ($1.52) and it will help you to separate the egg white from the yolk.

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