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Make Your Home Office Insta-Worthy With These Decoration & Design Ideas

Make Your Home Office Insta-Worthy With These Decoration & Design Ideas

By Karmen on 15 May 2020
Digital Editor

We only have a few more weeks until circuit breaker is over but whether you'll continue working from home or head back to the office, we have some tips for you to create an Insta-worthy work space!


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#1 Stick to a colour theme

brown home office with houseplantsPhoto from Pinterest

Mixing too many colours can look great but can be tricky to get right. A fail safe way to get a visually pleasing workspace is to pick a colour theme with no more than three colours and stick to it!

#2 Keep decorative items off your desk

home office with wired display hanging on the wall and a lampPhoto from Pinterest

To avoid a cluttered look, place decorative items off your desk! You can do this by hanging wires or shelves on the wall.


#3 Bring in nature


Plants and flowers aren't just nice to look at, they can also boost your mood!

#4 Create an art wall

home office with an art wall collage and a large houseplantPhoto from Pinterest

Fill the walls with artwork to make a dramatic statement! Make sure all the artwork and photographs are in the colour theme that you picked for your work space.

#5 Use clipboards

home office with framed painting and clipboardPhoto from Pinterest


Clipboards are a creative way to display art and photos and you can easily change them up.

#6 Use textiles & pillows

pink and white home office with quotes on walls and furry throwPhoto from Pinterest

A furry throw or blanket and a pillow on your office chair makes even cold and clinical workplaces look instantly warmer and cosier.

#7 Cool lighting

pink and white home office with fairy lights and autumn leavesPhoto from Pinterest

Even if there's a main source of light in the room, having additional light sources will brighten up the space and make it look more inviting. Check out some Insta-worthy light figures and lamps you can buy online!

#8 Leave some empty space

minimalist home office with wired display and framed art on tablePhoto from Pinterest

Last but not least, make sure you don't overdecorate your workspace by leaving empty spaces between your decorative items.

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