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8 Cutest Cups Under $20 For Cosy Sipping All Day

8 Cutest Cups Under $20 For Cosy Sipping All Day

By Amelia on 11 May 2020
Creative Editor

It's important to drink sufficient water and to keep ourselves motivated while working or studying. If you are the kind of person who needs a cute fancy cup to keep yourself motivated while working, and to encourage yourself to drink more water, a cute cup could help!


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#1 Dog cup 

Cute Cups Photo from @FSILE Bao Store via AliExpress

If you're an animal lover, you will absolutely love this cute cup ($14.70) that even has a lid of a dog face and comes with a cute spoon by the side.

#2 Bear cup 

Bear Cup Photo from @Shop3661027 Store via AliExpress


These bear cups ($16.60) have a simple design that's super kawaii and they are also double layered for the ultimate insulation. Pour in your favourite drinks in there and take an Insta-worthy picture!

#3 Assorted animal cups 

Assorted Animal Cups Photo from @HAUSBAY Store via AliExpress

This will certainly make a perfect gift for everyone! All you got to do is just pour your drinks inside, and you will get to see these adorable animals ($12.35) in the cup.

#4 Peko cup 

Peko Cup Photo from @ML Store via AliExpress

Are you a fan of Peko? Fill in your favourite drink into the Peko cup ($19.50) and imagine you're in strawberry land!

#5 Pokemon cup 


Pokemon Cup Photo from @JATY Store via AliExpress

"I wanna be the very best like no one ever was." Does this song sound familiar to you? If your ultimate goal in life is to be a pokemon master, this quirky cup ($14.40) will be your absolute favourite!

#6 Emoji cup 

Emoji Cup Photo from @Trend Decoration Store via AliExpress

Express your emotions by getting this cute personality cup ($15)! Choose from a wide range of emojis and use a different cup every day to let everyone know how you're feeling that day.

#7 Totoro cup 

Totoro Cup Photo from @FSILE Bao Store via AliExpress

Any Totoro fans here? This Totoro cup ($18.60) also serves as a water bottle and helps to keep your hot drinks hot!

#8 Funny paw cup 

Funny Paw Cup Photo from @ZCL001 Beautiful Store via AliExpress

Anyone here that would love drinking through an animal paw cup ($13.55)? ? If that's you, get this paw-ry cup on your working desk now.

While you're here, check out these quirky animal cups!

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