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Korean Guy's Amazing Transformation & Inspirational Weight Loss Journey

Korean Guy's Amazing Transformation & Inspirational Weight Loss Journey

By Karmen on 30 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

Sometimes, it takes someone else's success to motivate us to strive for the same thing, especially if it's a success that came after many failures.


23-year-old Lee Hyungu from Korea shared the ups and downs of his inspirational weight loss journey on his YouTube channel and it's something that everyone who is looking to get healthy should watch!

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9대기's as an overweight childPhoto from 9대기 via YouTube

Since childhood, Hyungu has been overweight and this continued even to his teenage years. When he enlisted in the army at age 19, he started to lose weight, even winning the award for the greatest dieter!

9대기 in Korean army getting award for greatest dieterPhoto from 9대기 via YouTube

Unfortunately, he fell into unhealthy habits after his army days like drinking alcohol frequently, binge eating and developing a gaming addiction. He gained weight again and was 146kg at the time. Anxiety hit hard and he felt like others were looking down on him. But eventually, he realised that this was only in his imagination as people did like him for who he was rather than his weight.

9대기 before weight loadPhoto from 9대기 via YouTube


As he couldn't manage the weight of his body to run or jog, he started walking for 4 to 5 hours at a time.  

9대기 after weight lossPhoto from 9대기 via YouTube

6 months later, he achieved a weight of 84.5kg and he was loving himself!

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But this isn't the end of his story. As he loved watching movies and admired the toned, sculpted bodies of Hollywood actors, he started exercising every day and ramped up its intensity. 

9대기 eating foodPhoto from 9대기 via YouTube

9대기 regained weightPhoto from 9대기 via YouTube

Alas, more weight troubles came! He became addicted to strength training and didn't see an issue when his weight went up as he felt that he was getting stronger. His appetite grew larger and eventually, his weight went up to 104kg. But this time, he felt positive that he could lose the weight again. As he started dieting and exercising, he lost weight while still indulging in alcohol and his favourite food. He decided he wanted to live without excessively worrying about his weight.


9대기 working out at the gymPhoto from 9대기 via YouTube

9대기 after weight loss, diet and exercisePhoto from 9대기 via YouTube

9대기 at the beach after weight lossPhoto from 9대기 via YouTube

Despite experiencing weight fluctuations and failures in his diet, he always got back on his feet and remained determined to stay healthy. Although he reached his goals and lost 74kg, his weight is still a constant worry for him.

This realistic and inspiring story is a reminder for everyone that we shouldn't give up even if we seem to be sliding backwards. We can always pick ourselves up and resolve to eat healthy and exercise more while staying positive about the situation! It's also not a one-time effort, staying fit and healthy is a lifestyle and we have to keep making an effort even after we've achieved our weight loss and health goals.

Watch his video here:

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