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8 Easy & Budget-Friendly Steps To Get A Cosy Bedroom

8 Easy & Budget-Friendly Steps To Get A Cosy Bedroom

By Karmen on 01 May 2020
Digital Editor

During this circuit breaker period, the home, and especially the bedroom, has become our entire world. If you're spending most of your days in your bedroom, why not make it as cosy and comfortable as possible?


We have eight easy and affordable ways to cosy up your bedroom to make these stay-home days more enjoyable.

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#1 Warm neutral colours

bedroom with warm neutral colours and hanging plantsPhoto from Pinterest

When choosing paint colour or decorative items, go for warm neutrals shades such as light to mid-tone greys, beiges, light browns and slate blues. While bright colours can be too stimulating and stark white can be clinical, these colours give your bedroom a peaceful and relaxing vibe without having either of those issues.

#2 Natural materials

warm bedroom with patterned bedding, plants and rattan furniturePhoto from Pinterest


Try not to have too many items that are made of synthetic or man-made materials in your home. This includes plastic or metal objects and polyester fabrics. Small accents are fine but having too many of these items or large pieces can make a room feel cold and unwelcoming. 

 IKEA LUBBAN Trolley tablePhoto from IKEA

Go for items made with natural materials instead like wood, linen and rattan. These will make your room feel like a cosy resting space. The IKEA LUBBAN Trolley table ($99) can be used as a bedside table or rolled around easily to use in other parts of your room and house.

#3 Soft lighting

rooftop attic bedroom with slanted wall and candlesPhoto from Pinterest

Soft lighting is paramount to creating a cosy mood in a room. Do away with harsh florescent lighting or overhead lighting and go for lamps with dimmers instead. If you still prefer ceiling lights, choose one that has a dimming option.

Having multiple sources of soft, dim lighting makes any room feel warm and cosy.

#4 Scented candles


pink and white bedroom with candles and feathersPhoto from Pinterest

Besides sight and touch, scent is another way to make your bedroom the ultimate haven of relaxation. Light a candle in your room and soak in the comforting scent! It also helps contribute to the soft, cosy lighting. Just make sure you don't fall asleep while the candle is still burning! The IKEA FORTGÅ Scented candle ($4.90) has a sweet scent of apricot and ice-cream!

IKEA FORTGÅ Scented candlePhoto from IKEA

A safer alternative is artificial candles! These still emit a beautiful glow and you can add fragrance to your room with a room spray or essential oil diffuser.

#5 Add a rug

small bedroom with a dresser vanity and rugPhoto from Pinterest

Having something soft to step on when you get in and out of bed will make your mornings and evenings a cosy affair. It looks stylish too!

Jiji Designer Modern Carpet in living roomPhoto from Jiji


This Jiji Designer Modern Carpet ($39.90) has soft hues of blue and grey which will make your room look extra cosy.

#6 Get multiple blankets and pillows

bedroom with pink pillows and blanketPhoto from Pinterest

A bed that's layered with blankets, throws and pillows looks like a cosy fort that you just want to jump into right away! Even if this isn't practical for the hot weather in Singapore, you can still sleep in it with air conditioning or on cooler nights!

Jiji orange Mermaid Blanket Photo from Jiji

This cute Jiji Mermaid Blanket ($15.90) will make you feel like a princess under the sea!

#7 Don't make your bed perfectly

cosy pink and white bedroom with plantsPhoto from Pinterest


This is a controversial one, but a perfectly made bed can look stiff and make you reluctant to mess it up. An unmade or hastily made bed looks far more inviting!

#8 Add plants

bedroom with pink walls and a plantPhoto from Pinterest

Bringing nature in your bedroom can enliven your spirits and add a colourful element to your home. For those without green fingers, check out some low maintenance plants that will thrive under anyone's care!

IKEA FEJKA Artificial Weeping fig plant Photo from IKEA

Alternatively, you could also get an artificial plant. This IKEA FEJKA Artificial Weeping fig plant ($89) looks so real!

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